Why are long weekends always so short?

Definitely not ready to go back to work tomorrow already. It doesn’t feel like I’ve had 4 days off. Phoenix has been chilling out with Tuesday since he is a gimp. His left front has been warm the last few days, so I think an abscess is brewing. The farrier comes tomorrow, so I will have him trimmed and checked out.

Friday I went to the black friday sale at Sporthorse Saddlery with my friend Christie. We both had a good time and spent too much money. They were offering buy one item get another 1/2 off, as well as previously sending us 25% off your entire purchase coupons. Of course there were exclusions on some things I would have otherwise been interested in, but still a good deal. I needed a new mattes half pad, but quickly noticed that not only was the Oglivy pad cheaper, but also qualified for the 25% off. Woo hoo! So I got that, and I’ve loved it both times I’ve ridden in it so far. I also got two saddle pads which I dropped off for embroidering, so I will have to take pictures of those when I get them back. My friend Christie got this really nice wool cooler on clearance plus 1/2 off. I will have to take a picture of that too once it comes back from being embroidered. Christie still has a 25% off your purchase coupon, so we might have to take another trip there before the coupon expires at the end of the year…

Stampede did a lesson yesterday and was pretty good. Most of the time when he got snarky I could get after him and he’d stop and get back to work. In my second course I got him to a total flyer distance off a rollback and he was nice enough to take it for me and continued to go along like nothing happened. Normally he has Sunday off, but with P on vacation I decided to ride again and give him monday off. It was a nice easy hack today, plus some cantering over poles and he was a good boy. I wore my new breeches today for the first time. Grand Prix Hudson breeches that I got on sale from Tack of the Day. They definitely run a size bigger than my Tailored Sportsman ones so I will need to wear a belt, and also slighty shorter. They are barely long enough for me even though I got the long length. Nice deal though on a pair of every day breeches.

Took both boys out for some grass, even though it was freezing outside. P did not want to come in, so I took a picture of him refusing to move.

Not moving, need more grass!

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! Time to head out to the barn for the evening hay and water!



  1. Karley

    agree!! shortest 4 days ever!

    sounds like you found a good horsey sale!

  2. Hillary

    Oooh… Jealous of the the tack shopping spree!

    How did you find somewhere to get stuff embroidered/ how much do you spend if you don’t mind me asking? I have thought about it but most of the places I’ve tried don’t offer it or want me to pay an arm and a leg.

    Sounds like you had a nice long weekend even if too short!

    1. stampyandthebrain

      This place also sells sports stuff, like high school letter jackets and does embroidery. We actually have quite a few options in the area, but this place knows how to do horse stuff well. My friend’s cooler is getting a 7″ monogram for $8, my two saddle pads are $12 total which includes one with my name and one with a 4″ monogram. I think you should search more for places that embroider uniforms and letter jackets and such. I agree that most horse places charge way too much.

      I wish my every day life could be like my weekends, lol.


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