Answering Questions

After seeing this question and answer thing on numerous blogs, including Equestrian at Hart, I decided to join in.

Splurge or save:

1) saddle: definitely splurge
2) board: hard to get a good barn in the area, so a bit of a splurge
3) halter: slight splurge since I only do leather
4) bit:  save, even bought my spenger duo used!
5) bridle: small splurge, I like quality but I won’t go too crazy
6) saddle pad: save, although I usually can’t get the cheapest ones because my saddle is so big
7) trailer: currently don’t have one. I’m sure it would be expensive regardless!

First thing that comes to mind:

1) Haflinger: fat hairy ponies
2) Quarter Horse: My first horse, Zipper
3) Thoroughbred: Stampy
4) Warmblood: Out of budget, lol.
5) Welsh Cob: Too small for me!

This or That:

1) english or western
2) tall or short
3) trail ride or beach ride
4) long mane or short mane
5) hunters or jumpers – love eq though as well
6) XC or barrel racing
7) outdoor arena or indoor arena – unless it’s dark, raining, or snowing!
8) trot or canter
9) canter or gallop
10) paddock boots, tall boots, or cowboy boots
11) horse shoes or barefoot – P just began his barefoot journey
12) saddle or bareback– love bareback on P, but Stampy has too big of a wither

About you:

1) How long have you been riding? 18 years, with a bit of a lull during college
2) Do you own or lease a horse? Own!
3) Breed? Age? Height? Name? (if you don’t own or lease, you could talk about your lesson horse) Thoroughbred – Stampede (Stampy, Stumpy, Stampers) 11 yrs old, Paint – Phoenix (P, Mr. P) 23 yrs old
4) Do you have any other pets? Reilly (10 yr old Wheaten terrier) and Roxy (6 yr old Westie)
5) If your horse was a person, what kind of voice would they have (you can use a celebrity for an example) Stampede would be constantly complaining about his living and working conditions. P would be very friendly and outgoing.
6) Does your horse have a “color”? If so, what is it, and what do you have in that color? It’s hard to have a color since I buy Rambo blankets where you get what the model has, but I buy a lot of blue.
7) Does your horse do any tricks? Stampy can bow and P likes to put up his top lip to beg for treats.
8) Have you ever dressed your horse up for Halloween?  Dressed up my first horse a few times. I did a devil one year and angel another.


1) Breed? I really love P’s personality, behind his paint registration he is actually an appendix which I think is a good combo. Wouldn’t buy a full TB again.
2) Discipline? I show equitation mostly, but I bought Stampy to do hunters as well.
3) Coat color? Chestnuts!
4) Famous horse? Hickstead
5) Horse race/competition? Really want to go to something a Spruce Meadows
6) Brand of tack? Butet, would love an antares for P though
7) Thing to do with your horse? Cantering in the back field

P got his feet trimmed today and they look much better. Farrier agreed the left front hoof is warm, but couldn’t find anything with the hoof testers. I commenced soaking his foot tonight, but it will already be a week tomorrow that he’s been off. Ugh!



  1. Hillary

    Fun to read about you. I live with my parents two wheatons right now! Hope P starts feeling better.

    1. stampyandthebrain

      It is a lot of fun blogging and learning about other people. I love wheatens, Riles is my second. We just lost my old man wheaten Kozmo earlier this month at the age of 14. He was my first wheaten and my parents wouldn’t let me take him when I moved out, lol. You should post a picture of yours. Riles has the american coat, but Kozmo had the gorgeous Irish coat with the various shades of “wheat” color.


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