Just a little guy

Lunch time post today. So here are some pictures of Stampede with someone more average in height. My friend Christie is about 5’2″.

Christie hanging out with the pony

Riding the tiny beast while I was out of town

I did ask the woman at Beval about getting the same saddle I have but in a smaller seat size and she said that very few even exist so my chances of one used around about zero. She also said my trade in would probably be around $2,000 (just a guess, not official). A new one is around $4,600. Yikes!

I rode P Monday night and he was fine, but last night when I got to the barn he was gimpy on his left front just walking around his stall. Nothing obvious there, although that foot does have a weird hole at the toe. The hole was there before we pulled his shoes though. I gave him some bute and put iodine on his feet and will see how he looks tonight. Farrier won’t be out til Monday and with the holiday weekend nothing would happen anyways, so we’ll wait and see. I’m hoping maybe just a bruise or something from playing to hard outside with his bare feet. Only just over three weeks barefoot.

He also had this weird thing on his back leg appear yesterday. He previously had a scab on the outside of his left hind, but once it scabbed nicely I had left it alone. Whatever happened caused a big crust of blood and goo on that spot. I shaved the hair off, revealing a much bigger strange area than before. The picture is after I put some green ointment on it, but gives you an idea. Maybe he was favoring this for a few hours when whatever happened and made his front sore? Mysteries of horse ownership!

Strange Phoenix happening. What caused this?? I added green goo.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. I love the extra time to ride and hang out with my husband and all my furkids big and small.




  1. L.Williams

    5’2″ is most defi not average, I think 5’5″ is. LOL and I’m 5’3″/

    1. stampyandthebrain

      Okay, more average than my 5’11” then, lol. I’m always around people about the 5’2″ range for some reason, so it seems average to me.

  2. Hillary

    Yes I would also agree that 5’2 is tiny. However it does give an idea of just how tall he actually is! I thought Hue was big (he is – just not that tall!)

  3. Karley

    Aye the joys of owning a horse! I swear I need 24/7 cameras on Henry to see what he is doing at all times!! Hope P is feeling better!


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