Phoenix Part 2

So Phoenix came back to me in August of 2010. I had no idea how much he’d been ridden so we started out slow, mostly walking and trotting around in the fields by the barn. We began treating his white line disease, which involved cutting out large chunks of dead hoof wall and soaking his feet in white lightning.

He was so happy to be going outside for more than an hour a day and being out with other horses. So happy in fact that at the end of October 2010 he tore a tendon playing outside. Commence months of stall rest and hand walking. Luckily he is the calmest horse and put up with it all.

Ice on the tendon, bad hoof soaking

He healed surprisingly well and I began walking him bareback in February. We worked up to regular flatwork and have been going ever since.

He is the type of horse I trust with most anyone on his back and is always fun to ride. After a long hard day he’s the one I hop on bareback and canter around in the fields. I’m forever grateful to have this boy back in my life so I can love him for the rest of his days.

I love Mr. P



  1. Hillary H.

    That foot looked painful!!! Very handsome pony! The barn in the background of the last photo looks really nice!

    1. stampyandthebrain

      Oddly he was never off from the feet, they just looked bad. He had chunks out of 3 of the 4 feet, but we did the front foot first since it bears more weight. I was told he only would have lived a few more months without intervention though because he would have foundered. Thanks, I think he is quite handsome! It is a super nice barn, I love it there. It was built a few years ago now.

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