Goals Status

So unlike most people, I haven’t really set goals in the past. Back in November I did a post, Making It Happen, where I discussed how my achievement of my weight loss goal has impacted me and caused me to want to write down the goals I have for myself and the horses at this point because I believe I can achieve the things within my control. I wanted to do a start of 2017 recap of the status of these goals.

Comments in italics next to each item are updates!

Personal Goals

  1. Maintain my current weight – So far so good, even survived the holidays and some seriously addictive cookies!
  2. Run in a 5k race – I run that far regularly but I’ve never done an official race and it sounds fun. Completed the Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving. Leaving this up since I’m adding on a goal to complete 1-2 more 5k’s in 2017.


  3. Start to add back in body weight exercises – push ups, planks, etc – Still haven’t gotten back into this but that will all end very shortly because hubs and I have our home gym almost complete! Plus hubs said he will teach me how to use his fancy new squat rack.

    Almost done and totally awesome!

Horse Goals

  1. Get the ball rolling on turning our property into a retirement home for Phoenix and Stampede (feel free to add thoughts if you think of other things I should consider!). This whole change is a bit overwhelming but it is the right move and I can’t wait to have my two boys right outside my door every day. This hasn’t really gotten going yet as far as physical actions but lots of talking and planning going on.
    1. Clean out the pole barn – so much random stuff to throw away and old stalls will need ripped out (they are 10′ x 10′ or 8′ x 10′)
    2. Plan out stalls and lighting, get quotes for stalls and electrical work
    3. Figure out getting water to the barn (the previous owners ran a hose in the summer and carried buckets in winter!)
    4. Map out how I want to do the fencing in the portion of the property that hasn’t been redone yet and get quotes for that work
    5. Research how to make metal siding on the barn safe for ponies to be outside near – maybe add wood to a certain height?
    6. Plan for things like manure disposal, hay suppliers, etc.
  2. Try to keep Stampede sound (we made it so long but currently having an issue, waiting on vet input on x-rays) and continue dressage lessons over the winter – Fail here! Stampede ended up coming sound again after my goals post but it was short-lived. He has since been diagnosed with a suspensory strain. Ultrasound coming soon. Even better he had a reaction to the medication the vet had me using on his leg so he’s also a hairless wonder on that leg.

    Chemical burns to go with the suspensory strain. Classic.

  3. Enjoy Mr. P and his fabulous self – Well this one is easy. Mr. P as usual is my knight in shining chestnut fur. We are doing lots of bareback rides because his saddle is too big for me now and drives me nuts. Also working on our neck rope skills for bridleless rides. 

    Love Mr. P – first selfie of 2017

  4. Start considering more specifically what I’m looking for in my next horse – Definitely also been some discussions on this, particularly in the merits of lease vs purchase. I lean towards purchase just because I’d put the money out for a lease fee and it’s gone but I also think it would be fun to show a made horse for a bit. Clearly I need something tall and with a build to take up my long legs. Probably some kind of warmblood cross to get the size I need. Would like a horse that can do hunters and equitation. I’m pretty sure if I buy I will have to go young to afford such a unicorn.


  1. Get a truck! – I love Big Red! Heated seats, remote start, and ready to pull a horse trailer in the future!


    Feeling pretty good about my progress so far on these goals. Here’s to getting things done in 2017!



  1. emma

    ugh bummer about the suspensory and accompanying chemical burn (srsly, boooo). everything else sounds like it’s ticking right along too. exciting about the possible horse search too – will be very interested in following along!

    1. stampyandthebrain (Post author)

      Wait until I get to the next vet update, let’s say Stampede keeps things interesting! Still waiting to hear from the vet on some x-rays yet to do that though, lol. Horse search definitely makes me nervous, looking for a unicorn!

  2. Lauren

    I have a horse for you! hahah 😉

    1. stampyandthebrain (Post author)

      If he is big enough and still around when I’m ready to shop I may need to come visit. We all know I love chestnuts…

  3. L. Williams

    Looking forward to seeing your property transform in 2017

    1. stampyandthebrain (Post author)

      Me too! Looking forward to turning it back into a place for horses!

  4. KateRose

    Ooh love the truck! Also that is the cutest horse selfie ever!

    1. stampyandthebrain (Post author)

      Thanks! P loves to pose for the camera (unless there is food)


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