Monograms and injured hands

This post will just be a jumble of random things going on that are horse related lately!

Firstly, I got helmet monograms. I hate to follow trends generally, but I really liked this one and couldn’t resist.

Preapplication - my friend Rachel got some too

Pre-application – my friend Rachel got some too

On my new Samshield

On my new Samshield

On the well loved every day grey IRH

On the well-loved every day grey IRH

I’m not sure why the “g” looks lower case in these fonts. I did check on instagram and that is how the font is. Slightly funky on my IRH, but it’s a schooling helmet so I’m cool with a little funky!

In other news, Stampede tried to take my friend Rachel’s hand off (sorry again Rachel!). I asked her to feel his left front hoof he’s been off on (which is probably an abscess) for heat and he managed to gracefully put his right hoof ON his left hoof with her hand in the middle. I couldn’t make these things up people! Special horse here!

Picture of thankfully not broken hand!

Picture of thankfully not broken hand! Which looked worse in person I think.

And a pony in a duct tape bootie...

And a pony in a duct tape bootie…

Even though nothing has come out of Stampede’s hoof he appears sound trotting in hand now so I plan to hop on him Monday. Inevitably that will get the abscess moving again. Plus it should be a fun ride since he will have had two weeks off by then.

The C finals are going on at the barn this weekend so I don’t know where I will be riding P at yet, but he’s on my list for today!

And what better way to finish this post than a cute puppy!

Sleepy June-bug

Sleepy June-bug



  1. Hillary

    Your friends hand

    1. stampyandthebrain

      I know, me too! She still showed all weekend at C finals after it happened Friday night.

  2. Amanda C

    Woooo monograms!

  3. emma

    awesome monograms! and OUCH that looks painful! idk how horses do it, my mare somehow managed to step on her farrier with a hind leg while he’s holding a front leg…

  4. Rachel

    Ace and I had one of our best shows this weekend so maybe I need Stamp to step on my hand more often! Lol


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