The baby graduates

Today Juneau had her final exam at her obedience class and I’m proud to say that the baby graduated with flying colors.

Baby Juneau's "diploma"

Baby Juneau’s “diploma”

After class we stopped to get Juneau a celebratory Starbucks puppuccino (whipped cream in a cup). Juneau had never had one before, but she proclaimed it tasty pretty quickly! She also posed for some pictures for me this evening to show how cute she is and that she knows stay commands. 🙂

So precious!

So precious!

Just want to squeeze the cuteness!

Just want to squeeze the cuteness!

Lastly, here are some pictures of the pups having fun in what I call the dog play room. We keep a dog cam in there, so I can see what the kids are up to during the day. I took some screen shots of the action last week.





Anyone else keep a camera to see what their “kids” are up to while they are gone?


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  1. Beka

    We have two cams set up – one on the sofa where the cats sleep during the day and one looking out over the back yard. If I had my way, we’d have about a dozen more and one more at the barn!


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