Better late then never

So first a show recap to go with the picture I posted on Wednesday!

So handsome!

So handsome!

This picture is from our first class of the weekend, which was equitation over fences. He was great, just one late lead change where I think he was half asleep at the beginning of our course. Later in the day Saturday we had two hunter over fences classes in the grass ring. I kind of forced myself back into that ring, as I’ve wanted to do hunters but years ago it was always a Stampede disaster (running and refusals all mixed together, woo hoo). Well not this time, he was great and I was a disaster! I got so used to having to ride him defensively in shows that I kept messing him up to the distances. On the up side he didn’t hold it against me and grab the bit later in the course which he usually does after I mess up too many times.

Sunday I did a low equitation over fences class as a warm up and he was very looky at the fences even though they were just the same ones but moved around. Next I did the low adult medal where he was fabulous but I botched the first line. Note to self, learn from Saturday and don’t trying to take a long distance to the first line. Stampede will not go for it! Anyways, we got around great after the first line and just missed being called back to test (they call back 1st through 4th) with a 5th place. We had a small break before our hunter over fences and flat so I put the stump away for a bit in between to relax. Hunter over fences was really good, no big mistakes there. Then the fancy boy managed to win his flat class.

So overall the weekend was a positive show experience and I’m hoping that at the next show I can start trusting him sooner and really show what he can do. Next show is two weeks from today!

While the photographer was out, I asked her to take some pictures of me and P. I shouldn’t have worn my jacket as I don’t think it’s flattering, but I picked one that I really liked. I don’t think I look good, but it really speaks to our relationship I think.

Love this furry boy <3

Love this furry boy <3

There was a great headshot too, but the husband said I already have too many 🙁 I can’t help it Phoenix is photogenic!

Stampede and his swollen eyelid on Tuesday, poor guy

Stampede and his swollen eyelid on Tuesday, poor guy. Was better the next day though. 🙂

After the show Stampede had off until Thursday, when we had a nice hack in the field with his brother and a few others. I got on Stampede again today and we worked out in the field alone. He was a bit nervous about being alone but overall cooperative and forward. I’m happy to see he didn’t come back from the show sore or cranky at least.

Field adventures with P

Field adventures with P on Tuesday

P went on a ride with his Aunt Jessica on Sunday and then again on Thursday along with me and Stump. I had a nice bareback ride in the field with him on Tuesday then a fairly uninspired hack in the field on Friday. He wasn’t bad on Friday, I think both of us were just feeling lazy so I draped the reins and we plopped around and relaxed. If there’s any horse who knows my moods and rides according it’s Mr. P!

No better place to be!

No better place to be!

Tomorrow will be a hack in the field with Mr P along with Diane and Mr P’s girlfriend Willow. Also a lunge for Stampede is in order.





  1. Cob Jockey

    Dang, you guys look great together! Look at those braids, too! Congratulations, sounds like a great first show of the year.

    1. stampyandthebrain

      Thanks, I think Stampy is pretty handsome when he wants to be! Second show of the season, but we can pretend the first one didn’t happen since it was a disaster!

  2. Lauren

    Glad the show was a success! I make those exact same mistakes all the time 🙂


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