After some great rides with Stampede last week, he was totally different this week. I’m guessing he must be back sore for some reason, because he was angry and didn’t want to move off my leg. He also didn’t want to go on the bit, which is not something he’s displayed in the past. I’m sure some of the crankiness is the move to riding indoors and being so close to the other horses in the ring, but it just seems like too much. Hopefully it’s not a sign that the injections were a fail this time. Definitely has me a bit down but I have a few things in mind to try before I let myself get too worked up.

In the line up for this week of things to try:

1) Recheck saddle fit – his back has muscled up since he started doing the stretches. I’d cry if the butet was too tight after all this!

2) Play with adding back in the shim on the left side. I had taken it out because his back was almost even, but maybe that was a bad idea. I made some smaller shims too so I can play around even more.

3) Get his teeth done. He is due for a good float, which requires drugs in Stampede’s case. Stampede will have a manual float as he doesn’t put up with power tools. Last time I did power tools he got drugged three times and two of us still had to hang of his head and he almost fell down after the dentist left because he’d had so much…

4) Discuss with vet about another monthly injectable joint product he could be on. He was on Adequan, but I ran out a few months ago and as we all know it’s on eternal back order.

5) Replace one day of under saddle work with lunging in the fake Pessoa to keep pressure off his kissing spines

In other news, P has been extra spry with this cooler weather. He feels great and I’m loving his extra energy. If only I could find him a new saddle, then it would be perfect.

P trying to help me in the tack room

P trying to help me in the tack room

In other horse related news, my parents surprised me with the huge stuffed horse that looked like P that was in this post. My husband caught Roxy cuddling with it, which is just too adorable.

Roxy cuddling with Mr P stuffed animal

Roxy cuddling with Mr P stuffed animal

Lastly, I drove to the feed store to get Stampede’s ‘special’ grain and the cat there always likes to jump on my shoulder. She purrs like crazy the whole time and moves around accordingly to balance as you walk around. I’m not a huge cat person, but she’s adorable.

Cute kitty

Cute kitty

Here’s hoping for some better Stampede news soon!





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