Back in the Saddle

Yesterday I got out to the barn around 2:30 and prepared to ride Stampede. He was back to his happy self when I groomed him and put the saddle on. Got out to the ring just as my trainer was going back in, so we rode alone. He was being a bit spooky about his usual “scary corner” so we mostly worked on taking a big oval and continuing to expand it back to ring size. He was good once he was working, but walking around he was easily distracted. I certainly can’t complain since this is his first forced exercise since Sunday.

Mom, we are at the barn, you are supposed to get off now...

Mom, we are at the barn, you are supposed to get off now…

He was immediately better in the bridle – not fighting me and not putting his whole weight in my hands. When I first asked for canter he was a bit snarky, but once he got going and realized it didn’t hurt he settled right in and responded to my leg nicely. I’m sure there is still some more improvement to come from the injections and I am very excited to have my happy boy back again. We will work hard at our exercises and see if that will buy us some more time and comfort.

Side shot for future comparison after exercises

Side shot for future comparison after exercises

What’s interesting to me is that Stampede’s hunter bump (protrusion at the top of his butt) has significantly decreased since his injections and doing exercises this week. The therapist had said it will disappear, but it is moving fast! Hoping to get some pictures or video of Stampy (or his jealous brother who wants to do them too because there are so many treats involved!) doing his exercises soon. Definitely need someone else to help with that though!



  1. Hillary

    Will you share some of your exercises? 🙂 hue has the bump too!

    1. stampyandthebrain

      Definitely! Once I get some pics of Stampy in action I’ll do a post about them.


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