Lucky Change

I forgot to share yesterday that the vet gave me the change they used to measure where they were on Stampede’s spine in the x-rays. He told me to keep Stampede’s lucky change and bring it to use next time. 🙂

Stampede's lucky change

Stampede’s lucky change

Stampede surprised me today and was very good for his stretching exercises. He caught on very quickly and other than logistical issues with grabbing the treat from me while his head was to his chest, I didn’t have any trouble.

The trouble came when you looked at him from the side today. Sensitive skinned TB in action…

Yesterday after injections, the wet looking area is from the betadine scrub they used to clean the injection sites

Yesterday after injections, the previously wet looking crusty area is from the betadine scrub they used to clean the injection sites

Today, all those spots were swollen...

Today, all those spots were swollen…

So I took him to the wash stalls even though it was only in the 60’s and had to scrub him with Dawn dish soap (and warm water) where all the betadine was still on his coat. He was not pleased! The second picture is after his scrubbing, but you can still tell that the line matches the betadine. Silly pony.

The spots had already gone down some by the time I left tonight, so hoping for a healed pony tomorrow. Trying not to freak myself out about it – I know it’s from the betadine but I don’t want to miss signs of an infection. I’m good at worrying.

Rode P after Stampy got done with his stretching, scrubbing, and grass-eating. Just a nice bareback ride as the sun went down. Got to watch Christie and some others jump while I was at it. Mr P was a good boy as usual and enjoyed his grazing time in the dark afterwards.

No riding tomorrow, just lots of pony stretches. P has been joining in on a few for fun. Now off to watch my horse stretching dvd with the husband before bed (he’s excited).





  1. Hillary H.

    Poor dude. I never even considered that it could be irritating for the horses skin. I thought you weren’t supposed to wash injection sites for a few days? I guess that was a tough spot due to the irritation though. Hope he recovers fast. Bet the horse stretch DVD is riveting! Share good stretches!

    1. stampyandthebrain

      I’ve never heard about washing either way. At least I was washing off betadine and I scrubbed with antibacterial Dawn so he should be good. Made it through an hour of the DVD last night, more to go!

  2. Lauren

    Poor Stampy. My sensitive skin TB can understand!

    1. stampyandthebrain

      I didn’t know that kind of sensitivity existed until I got Stampede. The first time I used some poultice on him all his hair fell off…special!

  3. L.Williams

    Hope he feels awesome soon!

  4. Karley

    Hope he feels better! Poor guy!


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