Sunday in the field

Almost every Sunday this time of year is spent doing a fun ride in the field. Nothing to improve your horse’s mood better than some time spent out in the open and away from the riding arena. On Sundays I really just concentrate on a nice relaxed ride. I got my friend D to take a video of me and Stampy today. He looks good, which surprised me a bit because he was pretty distracted by the tractor off to the right of the riding ring in the background. Really you can only tell he’s doing that when his head goes up a bit.

P mowing

P mowing

It was P’s day off, so I pulled his mane a bit, took him on a little hand walk, then let him do some grass mowing. He has a strange sagging fluid filled spot on his chest. I’m guessing some kind of bug reaction, but I will keep an eye on it.

P's extra man boob!

P’s extra man boob!

Thanks to everyone who told me their favorite saddle pads, I have more saddle pads to look into now!




  1. L. Williams

    Hope that swelling goes away soon

  2. Val

    I love a nice ride away from the ring. Looks like you had a good time!

    1. stampyandthebrain

      Always a good time! Thanks!


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