Saddle Pads

So Friday I had the rare day off from riding. My friend Christie had ridden P for me the night before so this could happen. We went shopping together for several hours, then went to Olive Garden for dinner. Yum! We got done just in time to go see our boys before the barn closed at 9 pm.

Today I didn’t feel like getting up in time to do a lesson at 11:30, so I just got up a little before 11 and took my time going to the barn. Went out and rode Stampede in one of the sand rings then cooled him out in the field after. The past few rides there have been poles set in the extra sand ring for a 5 stride line, so I was having doing the line and then doing one pole on a circle and such. I’ve also been trying to add more time to my rides to help increase Stampede’s fitness now that all his parts seems to be in working order again, lol.

Of course Stampede is always up to something.

Too big to keep track of his back end...

Too big to keep track of his back-end…

My husband was nice enough to drive to get Stampede’s grain (we drive an hour round trip to get it…yes the horse is that picky) so when he stopped at the barn I made him take a picture of me with Stampede.

Me and Mr. Stump. He looks abnormally small in this

Me and Mr. Stump. He looks abnormally small in this

Cooling Stampy out in the field

Cooling Stampy out in the field

Christie’s mom had Mr. P for their usual Saturday ride. Somehow I managed to not end up with any pictures of him today! Don’t worry, he just as handsome as usual!

Today as I was getting Stampede ready to ride and using a saddle pad I don’t like, I was wondering how many of us have a certain brand and even model of saddle pad we like best. The saddle pad I wasn’t liking is one of two Tuffrider pads I bought earlier this year. They looked nice when I bought them, and I even got them monogrammed, but after a couple washings you could tell they were just too cheap. The color of the pad has faded, and the pad likes to curl in the corners. The lining is almost fleecy, so if the horses are shedding at all they get covered in hair, which my husband washing machine doesn’t appreciate.

That's just how it goes :)

That’s just how it goes 🙂

So, my favorite saddle pad for the last few years have been the EOUS Diamond All Purpose Pad. I have many colors and they have lasted a long time and wash up well.

One of my EOUS pads

One of my EOUS pads

Really the only negative I’ve found with the EOUS pads, is that the drop on the side could be a tiny bit lower with my long flaps and the length could be a little longer for my forward flaps and long saddle. Basically, my saddle is huge, lol. I’ve been tempted by the Dover Rider’s Extra-long Contoured Saddle Pad, but I just don’t order from Dover often or know anyone else who has one of them.

Dover Rider's Extra Long Contoured Pad

Dover Rider’s Extra Long Contoured Pad

So what’s your favorite brand of saddle pad?







  1. L. Williams

    Back On Track Saddlepads are my favorite

    1. stampyandthebrain

      I’ve thought about trying one with stampy’s back issues. Do they run big at all?

  2. Karley

    I love the smartpak pads!! They are thick, well made and mine looks great after constant use for the last 4 ish months!

  3. Hillary H.Hillary

    I loved the quality of the Back on Track pad that I had but returned it due to a defect in the trim. I still might invest again but my favorites are definitely Smartpak. Probably wouldn’t work for a saddle with a super long forward flap though… I really like e small diamond version because they are nice and thin. If Dover didn’t have stupid shipping policies and fees I might be more likely to buy from them.

    Half of the reason I even tried the SP pads was their free monogramming program… Without that I might try other brands.

    I love the PRI pads. Great quality and the material lasts forever and keeps its color. VTO sells them I think and you can use the code UDBB for orders over $75 I think. And they have flat rate shipping 🙂

  4. Carly

    I love all the Roma pads. I’ve had them for years and years and they’re still the same color, albeit a little smaller after getting washed almost every day.


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