Christmas already

It just doesn’t seem like it should be Christmas time already.


The abscess finally burst on Tuesday, so P is happily back in action. I will be heading out to ride him shortly. Since he ended up with a month off we will work back slowly. P will also be getting a manicure today, so he will be good to go. So happy with the early Christmas present of a sound horse!


For the most part I’ve been doing just walk/trot work with Stampede while I wait to see if the Robaxin makes any changes since he gets most angry cantering. I started adding canter on Friday and he got angry when he started then settled down. My vet did mention that his behavior may last longer just because he is expecting soreness. So really I have no idea if the Robaxin is doing anything yet.

Stampy holding Robaxin applesauce in his cheek

Stampy holding Robaxin applesauce in his cheek

I don't want to swallow this stuff mom

I don’t want to swallow this stuff mom

After my ride on Sunday I switched horses with a woman at my barn, D. She has a cute warmblood cross mare, Willow, who is P’s girlfriend. What a different feeling. Willow has so much power and motion in her back-end and a very round canter. I had a lot of fun trotting and cantering around, and I even cantered her over some poles. D got on Stampede and trotted around and cantered a little.

Miss Willow

Miss Willow

I hope everyone has a great Christmas full of family – both human and horse.

My two favorite reindeer horses <3

My two favorite reindeer horses <3



  1. Hillary H.

    Love pony swaps! Merry Xmas!

  2. Karley

    Cute picture! Merry Christmas!


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