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So the saddle fitter came out Saturday and it was good news. P’s saddle passed with flying colors. While I had done a good job fitting the saddle to Stampede, I hadn’t noticed that the slope of his back wasn’t even. I think what threw me off was that his shoulders are even. Anyways, the difference in slope causes excess pressure on the right side of his back under the rear panels. So with the addition of a shim on the left side he will hopefully get better under saddle.

Homemade yoga mat shims

Homemade yoga mat shims

Phoenix is feeling great, full of energy and moving well. He got his own blanket bag for Christmas, so he doesn’t have to share with his brother any more.

Phoenix's blanket bag on his stall

Phoenix’s blanket bag on his stall

I got myself a cool looking scarf from the tack shop for Christmas. I wish you guys could feel the scarf, it’s so soft.

New scarf

New scarf

My friend Christie and I exchanged gifts. I got her a blanket bag like P got but in black and some horse treats that I layered in a fancy manner. She got me an ipad case with a horse jumping on it and some treats.

Cool treat layering I did for Christie's horse

Cool treat layering I did for Christie’s horse

My husband got me a new pair of breeches and some muck boots for Christmas as far as horse related items. Otherwise, he got me a Macbook Air, which I am currently using to type this post. 🙂 The pups got two new toys.

Riles hoarding the new toys

Riles hoarding the new toys

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and has a safe and happy New Year’s tonight. Off to ride Stampy with his new shim. I will take pictures of it in action.







  1. Hillary H.

    Nice blanket bag! Definitely a nice gift!

    Sounds like you had a great Christmas ESP with the news that your saddle fit is a okay.

  2. Karley

    Nice you got some great gifts! 🙂

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