Beach, clothes, and furry boys

The husband and I survived our trip, we went to Key West, Florida for a friend’s wedding. It was very hot out while we were there, but we had a great time hanging out with friends and the wedding was beautiful.

Key West Beach

Stampede got the week off while I was gone, and my friend and her mom rode Phoenix. The boys managed to survive my absence, but expressed their dislike at being abandoned by ignoring me my first day back. Normally I am greeted by nickers as soon as I entered the barn, but that day Phoenix didn’t even lift his head from his hay.

I had shipped off the Butet to be repaneled before I left for Key West, so I only had the Pessoa available to ride in after I got back. I have tried to make it work on Stampy, but it really fits him horribly. Then I got bad news that the master saddler at Beval had a heart attack, further delaying my saddle repairs. Luckily the representative at Beval that I use(Cheryl Owens, love her!) has found me a saddle to use while I wait, which will be amazing. It’s supposed to ship out tomorrow, so I’m excited.

Last Saturday we had an event at the barn called Canter for the Cure, which benefitted the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. You could pick from several events to be part of. I joined in for lunch then rode P in the games section. We did musical stalls, barrels, and flags. P got super excited for the flags, which we used to do years ago with the high school equestrian team.  Other events included a trail ride, a hunter derby in the back field, and a gambler’s choice. It was a lot of fun for a great cause.

P doing flags back in the day

Sunday my friend and I drove to a new tack shop we found about an hour north. It was a really big tack shop and they were having a 50% off sale for anything in their trailer. Oddly enough everything I bought was in the trailer. That kind of thing never happens for me. Pictures below!

RJ Classics stretch show shirt

Cute polo

Polo – summer technical fabric

Lastly, cute pictures of the boys!


Stampy silly butt shot

Riding P in the dark tonight – <3










  1. Karley

    Welcome back!

    Love the new shirts! 🙂

  2. Hillary H.

    Glad you had a nice trip. That is awesome that they found you a saddle you can ride in until yours gets back! And great finds! I love the shirts 🙂


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