New saddle!

I sent the Butet off to get repaneled yesterday. They estimated 3 weeks. I didn’t realize how attached I was til I had to put the saddle in a box! I did learn that it is covered by home owners insurance, so I only had to insure it for my deductible. Saddle should get to Beval tomorrow!

I picked up the new Pessoa Natural from the tack shop Friday. Tried it Saturday, went back and paid, then got to oiling.

Day of trial




Happy pony!


Stampy did his previcox trial and he wasn’t much different. Starting to worry that it’s an ulcer issue. I’m leaving on vacation now (writing this on my phone!) so he will get a whole week off.

I’m loving riding P in the new saddle. So much better than riding him in the Butet! My friend and her mom will take care of the boys while I’m gone, including riding P. At his age, he stays less stiff with regular work.

It’s so hard not seeing the ponies every day! Won’t see them again til Tuesday!



  1. Karley

    have a good vacation!

  2. Hillary H.

    Have a great trip. Congrats on the new saddle 🙂

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