Poop problems

Just wanted to provide a quick update. My banamine test with Stampede was inconclusive. He went well on the flat one night, but was fairly up and spooky, so that may have made him seem happier since I needed less leg. The next day I had a lesson and he was pretty cranky. He still did the equitation course well, but he wasn’t super happy. Previcox trial to go.

Meanwhile poor Phoenix has had a tough week. He has had a mild belly upset since Monday. We just did banamine and some walking Monday, then I had him looked at Tuesday since he was still mopey and hadn’t pooped. The vet (not my usual vet, I normally only use him for big lameness issues but he was there already) tubed him with mineral oil and water – said it was sand or a mild impaction. When I came back Tuesday night there was poop so I thought we were clear. I checked him Wednesday before work and he seemed okay, but by evening he was pretty miserable and got more drugs. My vet came out this morning, thought his gut sounds were good and that it’s sand really irritating him. She tubed him with water and something called a surfactant. A few hours after she left and I was walking him he peed then pooped twice. He is definitely still uncomfortable, although his heart rate is normal still. After going out at 7:30 this morning I got home around 4 for a break. I left him with some sand clear and cocosoya, hoping he will eat it. He is allowed to have wet hay, so hopefully he will keep eating that too. Vet said sand issues can take a while. We are both exhausted so I hope he feels better soon.



  1. Karley

    Uh oh! Hope your boys feel better!

  2. Hillary H.

    Oh no :/ Hope the red haired boys get to feeling better pronto!


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