Long Week

Phoenix finally started feeling better yesterday. The vet said it could take him a while to feel completely normal, but he’s good enough now that he’s not on banamine and he’s back to being his perky self. We are assuming it was sand colic since he had a lot of sand in his poop and she could hear it in his belly, so he will be on sand clear for a total of two weeks. Really the only things that don’t seems normal with him yet are that he’s not licking his salt block, which he normally does a lot, not drinking as much, and not eating hay as fast. He is however chowing down on the small amount of grain he gets with the sand clear hidden in it, eating all grass in his path, and being a huge beggar when it comes to treats. Crossing my fingers and knocking on wood that he continues to feel better.

I rode Stampy Saturday, but there was a C and pony show going on so between the bad steering of young kids and all the ponies he wasn’t really happy in the regular schooling ring. I ended up moving him into the smaller schooling ring with deeper footing. He was okay, but nothing special. I plan to start the previcox trial tonight and hopefully lesson on Tuesday. The vet comes back Thursday to take blood for Stampede’s retest, discuss my results of the Stampede trials, and I’m guessing she will check P over too.

Next weekend my friend and I are going to Columbus for the New Albany Grand Prix, so I’m looking forward to that.



  1. Karley

    Glad Phoenix is feeling better!

    Oh that Grand Prix will be fun!

  2. L.Williams

    Fingers crossed he feels totally better, sooner.

  3. Hillary H.

    Hoping that P gets back to normal soon and that your vet has some ideas for S- hopefully the previcox will help for him. Have fun at the Grand Prix!!!

  4. stampyandthebrain

    Thanks Everyone!


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