Lazy week, hives, and Trifecta

Stampede had a few days off after the horse show. I got on him Thursday night and walked for a long time and did a little trotting. He had his first full flat ride since the show yesterday, and we rode out in the field. He was a good boy, if anything he was lazy, even with the cooler weather we’ve had. A few pictures.

Stampy looking towards the woods

Stampy staring back towards the barn, looking handsome

Phoenix meanwhile kept up his usual schedule. I rode him Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and today. Half of my rides this week were bareback, but we still do at least a full half hour ride. Phoenix had some horrible hives on Thursday. He had some small ones for a few days, but they finally went crazy.

Phoenix with his bad hives

He got a shot of dex during the day on friday and looked much better at night. They’ve stayed away since, so we can hope that’s over with.

P grazing today

After talking to my vet we have decided to do a three day trial of banamine to see if it helps Stampede’s attitude. She is wondering if his anger, especially after the horse show issues, relates to muscle soreness. If that trial doesn’t show anything then I will do three days of previcox as an arthritis type issue check. The vet is going to come out on the 20th to draw blood and recheck Stampede’s levels since they were so messed up before. At that time we’ll discuss the trials and decided on a plan of action.

Another new issue going on has to do with Stampede and the grain (complete feed really) he gets. Buckeye Trifecta, is no longer going to be stocked by the local feed store and he is the only horse in the barn on it. My only other options for feed are Purina (he’s tried strategy, ultium, and senior and is not a fan) or Tribute if I want the barn to get it for me. I don’t know much about Tribute, but I’ve never heard much about them but their relation to Klambach feeds scares me a bit. My other options include driving 30+ minutes and getting his Trifecta and getting reimbursed against my board bill or finding something else I can get locally. I looked and there is supposedly a place with Triple Crown four minutes from my work, but when I called the number it sounded like someone’s personal phone. I left a message anyways and haven’t heard back, so not sure on that. I’ve heard great things about Triple Crown but I don’t want to get my hopes up.






  1. Hillary H.

    Hives are never fun. Glad they cleared up. I hope that you guys figure out what is bothering Stampede :/ It is never fun to have an upset pony.

  2. Karley

    aye hives… Henry rolled in stinging nettle and it gave him hives and freaked me out like no other!!!

    Glad he is feeling better!


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