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I finally had a great ride on Stampede Thursday night. I had the dressage whip out so we were going forward. We also practiced our counter canter since medal finals are in two weeks (eek!). He held his lead and cantered right around like a pro. Here are some photos from my ride on Stampede Monday night, where he was good, but not as forward. They are iphone pics, so try to ignore the fuzziness.

Trot butt shot

Cantering along

Cantering butt shot

For some reason Phoenix’s halter likes to twist around his face and the side ends up in his eye. I have no idea why and no amount of adjustment will fix it. Since my husband usually grazes Phoenix he was complaining about it and kept telling me to buy a new halter. So what’s a girl to do when told to go buy something other than do it? So I used my birthday discount at the local tack shop and got Phoenix a new halter. Here is a picture of him showing his approval.

Phoenix approves of his new halter!

I had a bridal shower to go to Saturday, so both of the boys got the day off. I rode both of them today – Stampede in the ring to work on more medal test pieces, then Phoenix out in the field for some fun time. They were both really good. I forgot to leave a check to get their feet done tomorrow so when I stopped back to drop it off a few hours later the boys got surprised when I walked in with Willie muffins for them. Peanut butter and jelly is their favorite flavor after much sampling and I had bought a small package of those to their delight. They are so easily pleased!

Sadly I have jury duty tomorrow. It’s super inconvenient because I do taxes for a living and we are getting near a big due date (extended and final due date for all business returns with a calendar year-end). Plus the courthouse I have to report to is about 40 minutes from my house. Now I just need to think of things to say so I don’t get selected! Last time I got called they picked me so I’m worried.



  1. Karley

    form a really strong opinion then they won’t pick you lol!

    1. stampyandthebrain

      I was prepared to but I never got called up (sigh of relief). Looks like I get to go back for a different trial next week though if that case doesn’t settle. The one next week is criminal, so I will prepare to say I don’t do blood or something like that, lol. Or maybe that I can’t do it because it will give me nightmares (might be true!).


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