Too busy

I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to post. I had a lesson on Tuesday where Stampy was really lazy. We had a long break before we jumped since the people jumping lower go first. I think he was just angry to be out there for so long. Friday night I rode with some of the other girls at the barn and they had put a bunch of the jumps down to poles and I joined them doing medal courses and tests over the poles. It was nice to get some more practice. Saturday I had a lesson and my trainer had set up a medal course for us to work on. Stampede was really good and did everything, even the scary looking big green rolltop. I was very happy with him. Very good confidence booster for next weekend.

Phoenix got his feet done monday and has been ouchy since then so he didn’t do much this week. I got on him bareback today and did some walk/trot work. He only took one ouchy step today, but I’m still having the farrier redo his work tomorrow since I’m not happy with it.

On the saddle front, I found out that the Pessoa I ordered probably won’t be in til October 21st. Honestly I could have gotten a custom saddle from France faster! I was hoping it would be in before the Butet panels are ready and I have to send that saddle in, but it’s not looking good.

I’m on call for jury duty again tomorrow, so hoping that doesn’t happen. My work had me fax in a letter last week to get excused, but I never got a response, even after I left a voicemail for the judge’s secretary. Hoping that after I drive the 45 minutes there (ugh) they will just excuse me. Would have been nicer to know beforehand though, such a waste of gas, money, and time. Oh well.

Planning to lesson tomorrow night (Monday), ride Phoenix Tuesday, flat Stampede Wednesday, school for the show Thursday (my friend’s mom will ride Phoenix), ride Phoenix Friday (maybe show in equitation bareback class with him if I make it in time), then show Stampede Saturday and Sunday. Let’s hope Stampy is in a good mood this show! I just want to get around the medal finals courses since this is my first year doing them since I was a kid with Phoenix on a different circuit.



  1. Karley

    Hey I am going to a show this next weekend too 🙂

    Good luck! I am sure that you guys will do awesome!

    1. stampyandthebrain

      Good luck to you too! Hopefully I will come back with good news to report!

  2. Hillary H.

    Yay for horse show! 🙂 Sorry your saddle is taking so long to get there. That is never fun. Saddle frustrations are the worst!

    1. stampyandthebrain

      I just hope I actually like this saddle after all that! I’ve only ridden in someone else’s once that didn’t fit me so I didn’t have much to go on.

  3. L.Williams

    Love horse shows! Looking forward to your post, hopefully you don’t have jury duty!


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