Sunday Ride

Yesterday I rode Phoenix. He was surprisingly energetic for the amount of heat. I’m so tired of it being hot out! I have a lesson tonight and the high today is 96, ick! Anyways, rode Phoenix over in the small square of grass by the pastures then we took a walk in the big hay field to cool off. Although I’ve been at this barn for years I had never ventured over there. I will say there wasn’t much growing with the lack of rain and the heat, but it was a nice walk.

Across the hay field headed towards home

Turnout was funny with the horse show, so I turned the boys back outside after my ride, along with my friend’s horse since he hadn’t gotten out yet. So of course I hung out watching the show after that. I’m sitting watching and I look at my paddock boots only to realize they have separated from the sole on one side creating a big hole. Argh! They are less than a year old so I’m not happy. I had a pair of Ariats for 8 years before, but now it seems nothing is made well. I originally bought another pair of Ariats back when the old faithfuls died, but the crazy boots kept dying my feet blue no matter what I did and the insoles fell apart in two months. Thankfully my tack shop took those back and I got a pair of Tredstep Giottos. Those are the ones that now have a hole in them, although I thought they were great otherwise. Tack shop is going to ask about a replacement, so we’ll see.



  1. Hillary H.

    It is always disappointing when new boots or any item really don’t last as long as you think they should. I bought a pair of Ariat Challenges and they started falling apart right away. My tack shop wouldn’t/ couldn’t accept a return but they did contact Ariat and they sent me a new pair which was really nice. This pair has held up better. Still not what I was expecting for the $$$.

    1. stampyandthebrain

      I certainly find Ariat products to be disappointing these days. I’m hoping the tredsteps are a fluke since several others at the barn have them and I also have the half chaps. We will see what they do!

  2. Karley

    Totally agree about the boots and how my older Ariats used to last WAY longer!!! Such a bummer.. hopefully they will take care of you.

    I have a pair of Ariats that I had for like a year and a half and they split at the toe (where the toe and the foot part meet) and I can’t for the life of me remember where I bought them so I had to eat it 🙁


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