Leg funk

With Stampede it’s a constant battle with scabby nastiness on his hind legs below the ankles. Some of the scabby spots have been there for years. I’ve tried tons of topical treatments, I even had the scabs tested earlier this year. They came back as infection, which we treated with 3 months of doxycycline to no avail. Of course I had to hide the powder in Nickerdoodles, 7 of them twice a day! It was exhausting and expensive! They shrunk a bit, but never fully went away.

Doxycycline laced treats

Since the Doxy treatment the scabs had remained the same while I continued treating them topically. That was until last week when they exploded.


So I sent the vet a picture of this grossness and she came out a couple days later. She gave me some more things to use on it, like a special shampoo, and he’s going to try 2 weeks of Tetracycline. Should be fun squirting the liquid in his mouth twice a day. At least it already looks quite a bit better than the picture above. She is also doing blood work to see if anything stands out and we might put him on vitamin e to try to help his immune system do something.

I rode Stampede today and he was very good. There is a horse show at the barn this weekend, so we rode in this little grassy field by the horse pastures. I generally do the B circuit at the barn, so I didn’t participate in this show since it’s a C. Stampede generally finds something to be scared of going around when I ride, so it was nice that he didn’t decide to do it today. I got a girl from the barn to ride Phoenix for me since I needed to leave at a certain time. She rode him for the first time and rode bareback and he was his usual perfect self. He is such an awesome old man. I always tell my husband we should clone him.

Tomorrow I will go ride Phoenix myself, Stampede will get a day off. Of course Stampede will still have to deal with leg scrubbing and treating and I will be starting the tetracycline tomorrow as well. I’m sure he will not be excited!




  1. Karley

    yikes.. good luck with the leg funkiness! Hoping it clears up quickly!!

    1. stampyandthebrain

      Thanks 🙂

  2. Hillary H.

    Wow. That is some yucky stuff happening on his leg. I hope the new plan of action works for him 🙂


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