Fall Pony Photos

Just over a month ago I got the chance to get some pictures taken by Diana Hadsall Photography. Here are my favorites!

I never had any dreams of my wedding other than wanting pictures on Phoenix in my wedding dress. When I got married Phoenix was not a part of my life though so it wasn’t an option. When I set up the time to do photos I decided I still wanted to do the photos, even though I’ve been married over 11 years now. Phoenix was perfect (his default!) and I’m so thankful to have the photos I always dreamed of.

I’ve never regretted taking the time to get professional photos taken, I highly recommend it if you are someone who hesitates about getting your picture taken. It’s worth it for the memories and a good photographer makes for a great experience. These photos are the result of 15 minutes at each barn and I will treasure them forever.



  1. the_everything_pony

    These are beautiful! <3

  2. The Backyard Horse Blog

    Wow! Wonderful photos. Great idea to “go back in time” to take wedding photo pictures with your horse even well after the wedding date. Love it!

  3. Leah

    Gorgeous! My 11th wedding anniversary is coming up but there isn’t an ice cube’s chance in hell I would fit into the dress to do photos anymore hahaha.

  4. Stacie E Seidman

    They are beautiful and I love that you did the ones in your dress!
    I so wish I had done photos with the bay boys. It wasn’t really a thing back then though. I actually JUST did a shoot with all three though, and am DYING to get them back. I agree with you, definitely worth doing.
    You all look beautiful!


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