Stall Design Results and Decisions

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote and comment on my Stall Design Opinions Needed post! I greatly appreciate the collective wisdom that comes from all my blogger friends.

I wanted to go through the results and also share what I decided to go with.

1) Stall size

Stall size results

I went with the collective 50% here, we will be doing 4 12′ x 12′ stalls but leaving the partition out on one set of two so Stampede has enough room. I really agree that it makes sense to have the option of 4 stalls and most horses don’t need a bigger size so it makes more sense for resale as well (if I ever move after this!). The price difference between having 3 12′ x 16′ stalls and 4 12′ x 12′ was surprisingly small since the additional wood costs were cancelled out by the additional stall door.

2) Bar width

Bar width results

I’m going with the 3.25″ bar width like the majority of voters. It just wasn’t worth worrying about to me, I want my boys and any future inhabitants to be as safe as possible.

3) Partitions

Partition results

Well we knew I wouldn’t follow along for everything. Basically this just came down to where I wanted to put my money. I decided having the door fronts with the opening for their heads to stick out and 3.25″ bar width for the stall fronts was more important to me than having the fancier partitions. Also I didn’t want to have to hope I could get matching bars later on when I’m ready to split up Stampede’s mega stall. So solid stall partitions for us.

Lastly, here are a couple before photos of the red pole barn where the ponies will be living. I need to take some more photos yet to make sure we have full documentation of this makeover.

Looking towards the east where the new stalls will be

One well used almost 10′ x 12′ stall soon to be demolished.

Torn between being excited to get going on this project and feeling overwhelmed about how much we have to get done. If anyone wants to come help I’ll feed you, lol.



  1. Emma

    Sometimes I think making these kinds of decisions is the hardest part of the process. Hopefully now that you have a clear vision for what you want, the demo will go quickly!! Can’t wait to see the before/after pictures!!

    1. stampyandthebrain (Post author)

      Yes the decisions are so hard! Especially for someone who wants to make the perfect choices and prefers to obsess for a while. I’ve been trying to take lots of pictures to show the transformation. Lots of work ahead. Willing to feed and shelter volunteers to help, lol.

  2. Tracy - Fly On Over

    Even though it’s going to be a ton of work, it’s going to be so great to have them home!!

    1. stampyandthebrain (Post author)

      Yes it seems like there is an ever growing list of things to do and money to be spent but I look forward to giving the ponies some nice pastures to graze in and comfy stalls to hang out for the rest of their lives!


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