Happy 15th Birthday Stampede!

Time to celebrate another year since this mammoth TBs birth! Somehow 15 seems like quite a milestone to me. Does this mean he grows up? Stops finding new reasons to have the vet out?

Last Saturday's ride

Last Saturday’s ride

I really liked my birthday summary last year, so check that out if you are interested! Stampede certainly made it an interesting year as expected!

Definitely handsome

Definitely handsome

Today the beast will get some special treats and a ride with his brother (with Aunt Jessica in the irons). It would be nice to ride outside but it’s supposed to be cold and rainy so I don’t have much faith! Either way we will make the best of it and celebrate the life of my favorite special needs horse. Here’s to another year!



  1. Megan

    Aww happy birthday Stampede! Love your post from last year. Hopefully this year involves no surprise vet bills!!

    1. stampyandthebrain (Post author)

      Well he’s already missed out on doing that for the calendar year so doing it during the birthday year is his only chance now, lol.

  2. L. Williams

    Happy Birthday Stampede!

  3. Carly

    Happy birthday Stampede! Here’s to a year without vet visits!

  4. Hillary H.

    Happy birthday stump!

  5. carey

    Happy Birthday Stampy! So handsome

  6. Emma

    Happy bday big guy!

  7. Aryelle Stafford

    Happy birthday!!!

  8. Tracy - Fly On Over

    Happy, happy (extremely belated) birthday!


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