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As L asked in one of her now famous Blog Hop questions – with all of the problems that come with riding and owning horses, why do you keep riding?

This question immediately made me think of a poem my friend Jessica wrote in high school, so I will share it here. It definitely is about being young and in love with horses, but it gives me great memories of my younger days.


People often wonder

Why I choose my horse over all.

Over other sports,

Over musicals,

Over lazy weekends,

And over allowance.

When asked these questions I smile and say;

I do it for the wind sweeping across the field,

And the sun glaring in my eyes.

For the sound of snow crunching under hooves,

And the sight of his breath in the cold air.

For the smell of fall leaves on a quiet trail ride,

And the sight of bounding deer.

For being one with my horse,

Galloping free from troubles,

And away from fear.

For the feeling of the purest joy and pride

To see his coat gleam from my labors.

For secret happiness when he eludes everyone,

But me,

From taming his wild spirit.

For the blessing of his complete trust,

And his comical begging for treats.

For the look he gives me when I see him in the pasture,

Lovingly returning my gaze.

For the smell of hoof oil and grain,

Not to mention peppermint breath.

For his efforts to scratch his head on my back

After I take off his bridle.

For the sound of his anxious nickers,

When awaiting his after ride carrots.

It’s those moments,

Those sacred moments,

That cannot be compared to anything.

It’s those moments that steal my normal life,

Never to be seen again.



I give up a lot to have horses, and not just in a financial way. I give up time I could spend doing many other things such as working out more, being with my husband, family, and friends, or taking up other hobbies. With two horses I have a horse to ride every single day, there really aren’t much in the way of breaks. I will also admit that I’m a bit anal about how my horses are cared for so my barn time can be extensive.

In the end I ride because I wouldn’t be who I am without horses. So I guess I should now thank everyone non-horsey in my life for putting up with my horse obsession, especially my husband. Thank you for dealing with my addiction and loving me and the ponies just the way we are. <3


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  1. L. Williams

    Lovely poem.


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