2014 SWOT Analysis

I made a comment on L’s (Viva Carlos) SWOT analysis post saying that I didn’t think I could do that kind of analysis because I figure Stampede will just break down due to his kissing spine at any time. She quickly corrected me, pointing out that this is really a threat, just another item outside of my control, and I can choose to focus on what I can control. In reality I do that every day by planning Stampede’s rides and doing his stretches religiously. So thanks L for calling me out. 🙂


Long term relationships with my horses

Grown up job with decent pay

Supportive husband and parents

Extra horse care knowledge obtained – saddle fit, nutrition, kissing spines, and hoof care research in particular

Dedication to riding and taking care of my horses daily


Lack of time

Crookedness in the saddle (thinking about a chiropractor?)

Back pain

Stampede’s horse show issues (initial fear and running around and later crankiness when he gets tired)

Lack of outside hobbies (due to lack of time mostly)



More relaxing field rides for both boys this spring and summer

Searching out more options for treatments of Stampede’s back pain


Phoenix’s age and soundness

Stampede’s kissing spines and other issues

Tax season (I’m an accountant)

Definitely true for me!

Definitely true for me!

Sunday I was back to my usual schedule and lunged Stampede in his rig. It was super windy outside so the garage door on the indoor was fairly creaky and got him to scoot forward a few times. It definitely took him a while to settle in, but he finished with some nice canter followed by a great loose swingy trot.

After that I met up with someone from work who brought his daughters out to see the boys. P was great of course, letting the kids groom him while he stood still and then giving two of them walk trot rides. As my friend Diane said, he’s one in a million.

Last night I rode Mr P, and he is definitely back to his normal self now. I even did some counter canter with him, and he was a pro. Hopefully this next cold snap won’t mess that up for us. Currently it is 9 feels like -4, woo hoo. Probably no riding tonight, but I’ll hold out hope for a bit that it will warm up yet.

Finally, here is a picture of baby Juneau after her first hair cut. The cutest!

Precious J!

Precious J!



  1. L. Williams @ Viva Carlos

    Awww that bow!

  2. Lauren

    God Juneau is cute! You have a lot going for you even with the threats. I too need more outside hobbies 🙂

    1. stampyandthebrain

      I love cross stitch and other art projects so if we lived near each other I think we’d end up doing horse related crafts together, lol.

  3. Karley

    Great SWOT!

    OMG your dog is SO cute!

    1. stampyandthebrain

      I don’t want her to grow up!

  4. heartofhope10

    Hellllo! In case wordpress doesn’t alert you to the link, you were my giveaway winner for the custom bracelet! If you check out the post I’ve linked to Stephanie’s show SC Equine. She’s waiting for your message through etsy to create your bracelet!! Congrats and thanks for participating! 🙂


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