Horses in hats

Stampede was full of himself last night after being dead to my leg and uncooperative Monday and Tuesday (okay he wasn’t quite that bad…). I felt like he could have kept going for another hour, lol. He was giving me some great canter work – on the bit and using his back-end well. I felt like his trot work after I cantered was a bit rushy, but he was stepping out nicely. Ended up finishing with some two point so he could just power around and stretch his back out.

Thanks for the opinions on the saddle, even if some are slightly conflicting. It’s nice to hear some of the things I’m thinking are or aren’t true. I’m leaning towards keeping it, but I will ride in it again tonight first. Spending $4,300 on a new Antares for P seems crazy when all we do is hack and jump small X’s for fun. As long as the saddle fits him so he’s comfy and I can find a saddle that doesn’t make me want to ride bareback all the time like the Pessoa does, I think we are set. I would love for this saddle to be my future saddle, but we all know that making plans for a saddle to fit your future horse you haven’t met yet is bound to be a disaster so I need to focus on what I need now.

So on to the cuteness of horses in hats.






Love my boys! <3



  1. Hillary

    Love when p makes that face. So cute!

  2. L. Williams @ Viva Carlos

    vry cute


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