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I have a few items that I’m ready to part with and figure the blog is the best way to get the word out. I’m totally flexible on any of the items for price.

18″ Pessoa Natural XCH Saddle with long/forward flap. The flap is not big enough for me, but is certainly more than enough for most tall people. Comes with both a medium and narrow gullet plate. Asking $1,100 OBO

Could come with stirrup leathers but not stirrups.

Could come with stirrup leathers but probably not stirrups.

15" flap length

15″ flap length

13.5" flap width at widest point.

13.5″ flap width at widest point.

Size and flap configuration info

Size and flap configuration info

These Tredstep Giotto boots are too small for me, new in box. Size 42, equivalent to 10.5 US. $80OBO



Lastly, I have a Fleeceworks Perfect Balance half pad. Size large (fits my 18″ saddles) and holds various different inserts. This one would come with 2 sets of front visco foam inserts and one pair of regular foam rear risers. I used this to make Stampede’s butet usable until I could get it repaneled last year. It has some staining from my saddle, but it’s all covered and I think if someone really scrubbed more would come out (I just washed in melp). This is the upgraded sheepskin version, not the cheaper wool version. This pad, with less inserts than included is over $200 new from Dover. Asking $130 OBO.

Bottom - Gorgeous and soft

Bottom – Gorgeous and soft

Top of pad, slight staining but not noticeable with saddle on.

Top of pad, slight staining but not noticeable with saddle on.

Visco front and rear lift inserts

Visco front and rear lift inserts

Had a great ride in the Antares last night, really found my groove and enjoyed the comfort. In the end the flap could be a bit more forward yet, but it doesn’t interfere with my riding like the Pessoa does. This flap is a full inch wider than the Pessoa is. So it has a home and P and I just have to settle on our half pad. The Oglivy seems to be too thick with the fit of this saddle, so I’m torn between getting another Mattes pad or trying the gummy Oglivy since it’s thinner. I’m torn about selling this regular Oglivy because I love it, but I don’t seem to have a use for it now. We will see what happens when I go black friday tack shopping!

Christie's horse Mikey wanted to join in on the horses in hats fun!

Christie’s horse Mikey wanted to join in on the horses in hats fun!

Today both boys had a lesson. I think P was a bit strong with Jessica. He gets so excited about taking a lesson that he gets motoring. It’s really very cute how much he loves his job. Stampede was good through my flat, our jumping warm up exercise, and my hunter course, but lost his brain mid equitation course. Grabbed the bit to a skinny jump that started a roll back, then grabbed it again only to realize he was way too long to the fence and had to scramble over it. I then had a bending line to go and he grabbed the bit on the in once more. I made him halt in the line then trot out. Came back around and completed the bending line correctly like nothing happened. Oh well, we can’t be perfect all the time.







  1. heartofhope10

    Good luck selling all your fun stuff! 🙂

  2. L. Williams @ Viva Carlos

    All your stuff is too large for midget me! Hopefully someone else can find use!

    1. stampyandthebrain

      I’m used to that, most of my friends are around 5’2″. Hopefully I can get rid of the saddle fairly easily, we will see.

  3. Karley

    Hopefully you can find a home for your stuff!!

    Black Friday tack shopping?! I didn’t know that existed- wonder if our tack shops participate?! Gotta find out 🙂

  4. Lauren

    What year is that Pessoa?

    1. stampyandthebrain

      September, 2012. Only ridden in twice a week max during that time. In the pictures it’s not even cleaned, so I could provide better pics of it too.


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