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Feels like I ran around this whole week. A work function kept me from riding Phoenix on Monday, so I started off behind on my riding schedule. Tuesday my friend Jessica ended up doing the flat part of the lesson on P while I did the lesson on Stampede. We hadn’t lessoned together since 2001, and it was great to have her there. I think she had some fun too. Actually we were doing a trot pole to a small vertical during our flat work and she got to do that on P, so technically she did jump, and P enjoyed himself. He always gets super excited to do things like lessons, just proves how much he likes having a job.

Me and Stampy Monday night, too bad it's dark

Me and Stampy Monday night, too bad it’s dark

Stampede did his first full course since coming back from his back injections. It was getting dark out so I was a bit concerned about how he would be, but he was very good for the first course in a while. A few less than perfect moments, but no big failures. I’ll take it!

Grazing Stamp after his rinse Friday night

Grazing Stamp after his rinse Friday night

Thursday Jessica came out again so we rode the boys together out in the field. Stampede was a little spooky, but not too bad, totally rideable. I rode him again Friday as a storm was blowing in and he wasn’t as good. He was being strong and trying to be spooky about some of the bushes and other things just outside the ring. We worked on a circle and I managed to catch his attention again although he remained strong. I decided to make him work on collecting his canter, which is hard for him with his big size. We were both nice and sweating at the end!

First indoor ride of the season :(

First indoor ride of the season 🙁

Saturday I got out to the barn a little early, hoping to beat the rain. Of course it started right as I put my saddle on Mr. P and so I had my first ride indoors for the season. This was also my last opportunity to get a baseline time for the two-point challenge, so I took care of that too.

Baseline two-point time

Baseline two-point time

After my ride I got a quick shower and then headed to Columbus, Ohio with the husband. We had dinner with friends then went to see The Neighbourhood at the Newport Concert Hall. It was a fun last minute trip.


Today of course was no stirrups Sunday. My ride was mostly the same as last week, plus more changes in direction, more Stampede spooking at bushes in the breeze, and some flying lead changes. Other than the time I was riding, it pretty much rained all day. Pretty gross.



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