More sand tests and lots of pony time

This week I rode P both Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday I had the saddle on and we even jumped an X a few times in the ring after flatting in the field. P was super excited about jumping something, as he always is. If only he hadn’t torn a tendon in his left front a few years ago he’d probably still be doing more. I would have loved to have gotten to jump a course with him again after I got him back, but I will certainly take just having him around! Thursday we just did a nice easy bareback ride since we had done so much the day before.

P during our Wednesday ride

P during our Wednesday ride

Thursday I lunged Stampy in the Pessoa knock off. He was incredibly lazy. I heard later that he had been crazy in his turnout during the day, which made his laziness make more sense. It also explains why he had a bite on his side. He must have annoyed his brother. They don’t come in with bite marks often, but when they do, it’s usually Stampy who is on the receiving end…

Stampy must have angered his brother, and a bug...

Stampy must have angered his brother, and a bug…

Friday I was finally able to collect some fresh Stampy poo for a sand test. I’m not sure you can even see it in this picture, there is just a tiny bit of sand grit at the bottom of the container.

Stampy's sand test results

Stampy’s sand test results

Then today I did an updated P sand test. He still has some sand left, so we will be doing another treatment.

P's remaining sand after a week of psyllium treatment

P’s remaining sand after a week of psyllium treatment

You can find the information from P’s original sand test here.

I rode Stampy out in the field Friday afternoon with Christie and her boy Mikey. Afterwards we switched ponies and I played around with Mikey and his lead changes. Christie tried to do some stuff with Stampede, but it’s fairly entertaining how much he ignored her short legs.

Today I went out and got on D’s horse Willow. Talk about a horse with power from behind! She doesn’t look like she has that much power but she just pushes you right out of the saddle when you trot. D has been doing simple changes with Willow and was ready to see if her girl would do flying changes. Willow was fairly convinced that she should be doing a simple change still, but we had a good start to a nice flying change today.

I had to go back tonight to give Stampy his extra grain snack since the barn manager is out of town tonight. The boys were super excited that I brought extra treats.

Starving P with creepy eyes

Starving P with creepy eyes

Stampy says give me the carrot now!

Stampy says give me the carrot now!







  1. L. Williams

    Ooo creepy eyed ponies.

  2. Hillary

    Oh horses… Hue gets beat on occasionally too- I imagine he deserves it though. He’s also the horse that lets other horses stand and gnaw on him for fun so there’s no telling.


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