I guess I should be used to Stampede’s antics by now. We were supposed to horse show this weekend. I got one him Tuesday for my lesson ready for one last jumping session before the show. He had been holding up his right rear leg while I was getting ready, but he walked fine on it from what I could see, and there was no heat or swelling anywhere.

I walked him up to the mounting block and got on. I asked him to move forward and ick, gimp. Walked him for 10 minutes and it didn’t get much better. Gave up and got off and went in. Wednesday, still off. Thursday, still off. Friday, looks normal trotting in hand. So conveniently timed Stampede!

So I will try to get on him tomorrow and see how he really is. I’m guessing he must have just banged the leg or twisted an ankle or something. Or at least I hope so.

Since I was short a horse I rode Phoenix on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday instead. He was a good boy as usual.

Evidently I was bad at taking pictures this week, but I do have a video of Stampede doing a little bit on the lunge on Monday. This was his first time in the full lunging system (Pessoa knockoff) so I let him walk mostly with a tiny bit of trot.

Wish me luck when I try to ride Stampede tomorrow after a week off!



  1. Hillary

    Horses… Hope that stampy is back to normal in no time.

  2. Lauren

    Hope he just banged it and he’s better soon!

  3. Karley

    Hope Stampy feel better!


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