Mmmm, salt!

I have today off work for a vet appointment. Phoenix is still a bit gimpy after two weeks so he is getting looked at. Stampede is getting a muscle enzyme exercise test to see if maybe he has a muscle disorder. He tested negative (well 0 to 4 is “normal”, he was a 2) for EPM, so we are working our way through things.

I had a lesson Tuesday night and it was good and bad. In our lessons we usually do one hunter course and one equitation course. The hunter course he was great and we put it all together nicely. The equitation course I could not find my distances out of the rollbacks and eventually made him angry so he took off with me to the last line. Ooops! Rode him last night on my own and he was okay. I’m STILL breaking in these Ariat Monaco paddock boots I got an awesome deal on off ebay and they are killing my left foot. I think it’s making me use my left leg less because I’m having trouble getting him to bend left.

I leave you with a picture of the adorable Mr P so thankful that I brought him a new salt block after he went almost a whole week without one.

Mmmm, tasty!

Mmmm, tasty!



  1. Hillary H.

    Hope that they can figure out what’s going on with P. 🙂

  2. Karley

    Hope that P feel better!

    I had a horse who would get mad when I gave him a salt block cause it wasn’t food so he would smash it up- yeah awesome right?! ha!

  3. L.Williams

    Hope P feel better. Cute picture!


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