The Great Name Search

I.E. Please help me pick a show name for the bay guy!

So I obviously kept his barn name, Maestro, but I feel a bit meh about the show name they were using which is “The Maestro”.

I really don’t mind if it doesn’t relate to his barn name but certainly a bonus if it does. His sire is Ballymore’s Celtic Lad and while he’s not registered currently his suggested registered name is Ballymore’s Maestro. I am likely going to register him and use that name but not sure I’m interested in that as a show name either.

Currently the only name I’ve thought up and like is “Virtuoso” but it seems weird that it’s only one word. I guess I’ve always had show names that were several words…

Anyways, I know my blogger family has way more creativity than this accountant so please help or convince me a one word name isn’t weird!

Just a quick update with some media! Sarah from Draft Mare came down to my area to participate in some Small Business Saturday tack shopping with me and got to meet all the ponies. She hung out and watched me ride too! She took this lovely photo of me and the handsome pony cooling out in the field after our ride. I had such a great time hanging out with her all day and hope to head back her way sometime and meet her girl Sydney.

New favorite photo of me and Maestro!

My purchases included a pair of Schockemohle Libra breeches to try, some new winter riding gloves (please keep my hands warm!), an interesting grooming tool to try out (review to come!), and two shop hunt club tops. I may have also done some online shopping Sunday from Riding Warehouse, lol.

I have claimed Maestro all to myself for this week through December (i.e. he won’t be getting a weekly training ride) so I will get to jump him twice a week and get an extra ride in on my own as well. I said up front I’m bad at sharing, lol. I know that come the new year I’ll be quickly into tax season and I’ll need help keeping him worked (compromise for horses at home/three horses status) so it’s a nice chance for me to maximize my time with him while I have some.

Tuesday I had a lesson and my friend Rachel came in and videoed. I did cut out the first line which is the same as the last line except I messed it up the first time, lol. Instagram wouldn’t let me fit the whole video in so why not remove my mistake, lol. Anyways, this is really a good round for us at this point and I’m quite pleased with it. I certainly have things to work on but Maestro is doing his job well and doesn’t seem to mind my mistakes too much either. Good pony!

Looking forward to a nice hack tonight on the bay beast!



  1. Emma

    I’m terrible at choosing names so I tend to stick with what’s given – in this case I would probably keep Ballymore’s Maestro haha. He looks great in the video – like he’s having fun!!

    1. stampyandthebrain (Post author)

      I kept Stampede’s registered name (Gator Stampede) for showing and always regretted it. Although maybe his name was just always such a negative thought – what’s worse than stampeding gators? Phoenix’s registered name is Fancy Quincy so that was an easy no back then, lol.

  2. Rachel Brooker

    You know that I like Virtuoso and I think that it is nice as just one word. If you wanted more than one word The Mighty Maestro. Special Notes (kind of like musical notes), Absolute Music, Forte, Prelude, The Right Rhythm, Legato, In Harmony. Not sure I like all of these but they are all musical.

    1. stampyandthebrain (Post author)

      Maybe I need to think of a describing word to add to virtuoso?

  3. Carly

    You could name him That One Time at Band Camp. No? Not so much? 😉

    1. stampyandthebrain (Post author)

      Lol, that would be funny though! My first horse I didn’t really know you could have a different show name and his registered name was Hard Twisted Zipper. Embarrassing.

      1. Rachel Brooker

        I think I may have the worst name list. Suns Ole Kite, Request Bar Destiny, Cluminaters Bozo!

  4. Teresa

    You could do a variation on Maestro:
    The Conductor (people will likely think you mean trains)
    Leader of the Band

    Or keep the music theme:
    Amadeus Mozart

    1. stampyandthebrain (Post author)

      So many related names that are hard to have someone pronounce, lol. The conductor would be cute if people wouldn’t just think of trains…

  5. Karen M

    I love coming up with names! Even though I always wind up with short, three-letter names for my own horses … So, Wikipedia has a list of Italian musical terms used in English, but then you might end up with something announcers can’t pronounce. The first to come to mind are “Court Composer” and “The Librettist” but those are kinda blah.

    Also, pretty please review the Schockemohle breeches!

    1. stampyandthebrain (Post author)

      I find musical names hard because it’s totally not my area of knowledge and yes there is concern about whether the announcer can say many of them too!

      I definitely will, I am so excited about them. I had been lusting for them and they were finally on sale and I couldn’t resist!

  6. Laur @ FMHH

    I like Virtuoso.

    1. stampyandthebrain (Post author)

      Thanks! I might just have to get over my one word name aversion.

  7. Amanda

    I thought single word names were a hunter thing?! I kind of like Virtuouso!

    1. stampyandthebrain (Post author)

      Yes I think it has been popular in the big name hunters, but there isn’t much of it in my local circuit that I’ve noticed although I didn’t show last season so…

  8. Genny - A Gift Horse Blog

    I think names are so fun! I also tended to be pulled towards the musical theme…

    Ode to Joy
    Medieval Maestro

    I agree with Karen above – I’d love to hear about the breeches!

    1. stampyandthebrain (Post author)

      I wish I was more of a musical person so I had more ideas for names, lol.

      I will definitely review the breeches, I’m so excited about them!

  9. Tracy - The Printable Pony

    Since “maestro” most closely relates to italian opera:
    Maestro Sosituto (assisant conductor)
    Maestro Concertatore (keyboard player)
    Maestro Direttore (orchestra leader)
    Maestro Suggeritore (prompter)
    Don Giovanni (famous opera)

    Or classical music:
    Concerto (Two words: Brandenburg Concerto, Double Concerto)
    Pomp and Circumstance
    Symphony (Multiple words: Symphony No. 9, etc.)

    I do like Virtuoso though — and I honestly prefer one word show names!

    1. stampyandthebrain (Post author)

      Lots of hard to say words, lol. If only I were a music person – I like music but I know nothing about opera, classical music, etc. Double Concerto is neat sounding. I don’t know why I feel so weird about the one word name!

  10. Stacie Seidman

    I’m terrible at names. I’ve had several with one word show names though, so I do like that! You two look great in the video!

    1. stampyandthebrain (Post author)

      Yeah I’ve always just either had the name already exist or someone else had the idea and it stuck. I will say the only other negative to Virtuoso is that there is a horse at my barn who’s show name is Giocosso which is close sounding. I doubt we’d ever show in the same division but still…

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