OMG we built some stuff!

When we left off on barn progress the husband and I were just starting to put up the stall fronts.

While the husband was off on a work trip new gutters got installed on the barn – no more rotted posts for us!

Who knew that seamless gutters could cause such excitement?

So of course once he was back we built more stall fronts next, followed by the first partition.


Two more stall fronts and one wall

The next day we put in the remaining two partitions which are end walls in our case.

End wall on the north side, looking into what will be the feed stall

End wall for the Taj Ma-Stump

That Saturday night we took some time to say goodbye to the old stalls from the barn.

Objects on fire were bigger than they appear here

So that left us at the part of stall building I was honestly most worried about – building and installing the doors.

It took forever but we survived door one install!

It actually was easier than the stall fronts were although it was hard work physically to lift the door onto the tracks. The first door took us around 6 hours, remaining doors were much faster. Husband and I had taken Monday off so we went back into the barn in the evening and got a second door up. Look I could contain a pony in that stall!

Why yes we were building and hanging a stall door at 10 pm on a Sunday…

I did have my first barn renovation injury though Sunday night…

I do not recommend hammering your finger…

Monday we zipped right through two more stall doors in the morning.

The moment when it all became real – we successfully built stalls!

During the rest of the week while husband and I had to work (have to make the money to pay all these bills, eeek) the pastures were making a transformation of their own.



It has been a while since ponies roamed these lands, I think around 15 years at least, and the plants had been working hard at trying to take over. You can see our “newer” fencing up close then the rest is missing besides some posts since it will be replaced shortly. I need to take another picture of our brush pile but seriously it’s insane in size. Insane as in I’m kind of scared to burn it…it’s pretty much house sized. Current plan is for this Friday night, blogger friends invited of course.

Another weekend rolled around and I stopped Friday on my way home to pick up the stall mats in the pouring rain. Saturday morning dawned and the husband and I got to work installing the heavy and awkward stall mats for the boys. We got lucky and didn’t have to cut much at all which made life much better!

Hanging out in the freshly matted Taj Ma-Stump

Sunday while I went out to a friend’s place to check out some hay for sale my husband and dad added some tie ins to the structure to make the stalls more stable. Now I can officially say the stalls are complete except for adding things like buckets and some bedding!

Added tie ins, these stalls aren’t going anywhere!

I definitely celebrated the stall building victory a bit, but then I remembered how much work has to go into this yet especially for fences so I don’t want to celebrate too soon. Yet I know we are getting close and I can’t wait to have my boys here. I know the first time I let them out and can see them outside my windows grazing (or maybe freaking out in Stamp’s case, lol) will be magical (or horrifying).

For now we just keep working away on my list of to do items!



  1. Emma

    Damn girl!! That barn looks incredible!! And lol @ Taj Ma-Stump hahaha. You guys have put a ton of work in, it looks great!!

    1. stampyandthebrain (Post author)

      Thanks! Lots of time spent for sure but building it to last!

  2. Leah

    The barn looks SO fantastic!!!

    1. stampyandthebrain (Post author)

      Thank you! The barn itself still needs some work but we are certainly getting there. Most importantly getting close to the point where ponies can come home!

  3. Carly

    Getting so close!!

    1. stampyandthebrain (Post author)

      Some days I think I’m so close and then I look at my to do list and think maybe not, lol.

  4. Tracy - Fly On Over

    It is really coming along!! I’m so freaking excited !!

    1. stampyandthebrain (Post author)

      You must come visit once it’s all done! Barn tours and tack shopping!

  5. L. Williams

    ew that blood blister, but yay your stalls look awesome!

    1. stampyandthebrain (Post author)

      Thanks, I’m so happy with them!


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