Happy 16th Birthday Stampede!

The beast turns 16 today! This past year has been very up and down with the beast. We had one final show season together, finishing in 6th in the local B level 18-35 hunter division. We followed that up by taking some great dressage lessons before Stampede started having some additional lameness issues that ultimately led me to choose to let him retire. I had already decided he was done jumping after the last show season but I had hoped he wouldn’t retire completely until I was ready to bring him home.

Love him always

Stampede has been enjoying his retirement outside of regular turnout by going out for hand grazing and gawking time when it’s nice out and hand walking adventures in the barn when it’s not. He somehow manages to not have gained any extra weight despite remaining on his pre-retirement rations so I’m definitely jealous of his metabolism. We will see if I can get him fat at home!

Even got a champion at a show last season

Extra cookies for this boy tonight, and maybe some pictures in a hat as well. 🙂 Hoping for many healthy (yes Stampede I suggested you might be healthy!) happy years with this boy in the future!

Here’s a few more of my favorite photos taken in the past year of this handsome guy!


He’s just a handsome beast

In love with this photo!

Always the best trot

Obviously I love Diana Hadsall Photography since all but one of these photos were taken by her. So happy to have permanent record of such great memories!





  1. Carly

    Happy Birthday Stamp!

  2. Tracy - Fly On Over

    <3 Happy birthday Stampy !!

  3. Karen M

    Aw, happy birthday, Stampede!

  4. Emma

    Happy bday big guy!!!

  5. L. Williams

    Happy Birthday Stampede!


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