Blog Hop: Chock Full of Advice

Getting back on the blog hop wagon with this new one from L at Viva Carlos.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received from a Trainer or another rider? What is the worse advice you’ve received from a Trainer or another rider? 

One of my favorite pieces of wisdom I received was from an Ann Kursinski clinic I did in my teens. She basically said that if you can’t do something perfect two times in a row then it was just luck the first time.

Me and P at an Ann Kursinski clinic many years ago

Me and P (and Mara and Ben) at an Ann Kursinski clinic many years ago

The clinic was also the first time I jumped a triple bar in my life, which was awesome. I have lots of great memories of being pushed and enjoying the challenge. Plus I got to meet Ann Kursinski. Win.

Anyways, I always think about this when introducing new challenges or seeking to perfect a movement.


The worst advice I ever received was a tie between the clinician who told me Stampede was crap and to put him to sleep or give him away or the many people who convinced me to try using supplements to fix Stampede’s issues. Obviously I didn’t listen to the clinician who couldn’t ride my horse (I was off after shoulder surgery at the time). The supplement story is still upsetting to me, but I’m glad I learned not to waste my money and my horse ended up okay.

I think when it comes to advice you will always get good and bad and it’s important to follow your gut.



  1. Karley

    Love the good advice!!

  2. Kate

    Great advice! And your worst advice was pretty terrible (and rude). I’ve heard some similar sentiments about Apollo. My feelings are waaaaay more hurt when my horses are insulted than me.

  3. heartofhope10

    Great “good” advice! As for the bad advice…some people just suck. So sorry you had to deal with that 🙁


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