5 Day Challenge – Day 5

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Husband and I went over to my parents in the morning with his grandma and opened presents. On the horse related front, I got some Under Armour items for winter riding, an Ariat jacket, and a saddle pad on the way (Dover is slow!). On the non-horsey front, the husband got me an iPad mini. The dogs got lots of toys, one of which is already dead and in the garbage and another which I’ve sewn back together twice because Juneau loves it.

My friend Christie and I exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve. She got me an embroidered saddle pad. My picture didn’t turn out very good but I will share anyways.

New saddle pad - Navy with tan binding and burgundy piping. Thanks Christie!

New saddle pad – Navy with tan binding and burgundy piping. Thanks Christie!

I went out to the barn in the afternoon. My dad met me out there and helped me clean the boys stalls, which was very helpful. After he left I tacked up P for a quiet bareback ride. I love riding on Christmas, it’s so peaceful and there aren’t many people around. P was great of course.

Mr P enjoying a Christmas ride

Mr P enjoying a Christmas ride

Fed the boys a bunch of apple spice Williemuffins in Christmas colors and a bunch more carrots. It was a great barn day, even if it was really cold!

In the evening my husband went to another family get together to play cards and I stayed home with the puppies. Lots of cuteness there!

Juneau trying out new sleeping positions

Juneau trying out new sleeping positions

Juneau and Roxy cuddled up on the big bed

Juneau and Roxy cuddled up on the big bed

21. Favorite classes to watch

Really any kind of jumping that’s 2’6″ or higher. I really can’t stand to watch people jumping who can’t steer, makes me crazy! You shouldn’t be jumping if you can’t steer! Watching grand prix classes the jump size just amazes me!

22. What’s in your cooler at horse shows?

Lots of Powerade Zero, carrots for the ponies, and some small snacks. I usually stop at Tim Horton’s for a chocolate chip muffin in the morning and get grilled cheese at the show for lunch.

23. One thing about showing (or riding in general) you wish you could change?

It always seems like there is someone trying to take advantage of the system and someone who ends up in the wrong division because of the system. I think this happens the most when people get new horses or have horses that are aging and really need to step down.

Of course we would all love to change the cost, but horses are expensive.

24. Your ringside crew

My husband, although he thinks he is making Stampede nervous so we may try a show without him, lol. My friend Christie is always there to help. She usually does my hair because I suck at putting my hair net on and keeping hair over my ears. She’s very picky about it so I just let her do it! Lastly, my parents usually show up just to watch me show.

25. Best prizes

I have some really neat trophies and things from my showing days with Mr. P. I do really cherish the reserve champion ribbon Stampede and I got in the 18-35 hunters a couple of years ago. He was great that show and it felt good to know that if my horse is able to perform he will get rewarded.


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