Throwback Thursday – 2010 Showing


2010 – Someone likes to show his teeth…


2010 – I don’t look so hot, but it’s a hunter flat anyways. Handsome Stampy

This is my 99th Post! Will have to make 100 a good one!

Stampede barely survived an encounter with another horse out in the field on Monday. Someone was grazing their mare back where we cut the hay and the sun was going down. Stampede decided it was a black demon and he wasn’t sticking around. Ending up getting off and asking the woman to bring her horse over so Stampede could see what he was scared of. After some tense moments of Stampede cantering in circles around me at the end of his reins he stood shaking and staring at the other horse, realizing he was not so smart. Got back on in the field then rode back to the ring to finish my ride and avoid further troubles. Tuesday I did a flat lesson on Stampede. He was still a bit concerned that the black demon might be hiding out in the field when he was at that end of the ring, but got over it after it got too hard to multitask. His back seems to be feeling good, other than the spots where his skin is scabby now from the betadine. Most of the area is down his side, but there is a little under my saddle. Sensitive flower in so many ways.

Had a nice hack on Mr P last night. We ended up alone in the ring towards the end and it was very peaceful just listening to P’s hooves on the dirt and relaxing. Both boys have been continuing to do the stretching exercises. Obviously I’m more stringent in doing them with Stampede, but P really enjoys working for extra carrots too, lol. I’ve started getting together a collection of pictures, so fairly soon I should be able to share more information on the stretches I’m doing.

Tonight my friend Jessica will be coming out to ride again. Time for an adventure with the boys. Maybe we can get Stampede back in the field to conquer his new found fear.


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  1. Lauren

    Love that 2nd picture. He looks so relaxed.


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