Hot and sweaty

That would be the best way to describe the last week. I managed to do a light ride on P last week on Monday, but it was miserable and the bugs were heavy. After that P was on vacation until Saturday. He was just so uncomfortable in the heat that he was better off inside in the evening. I rode him around bareback last night since I was running late. It was still a bit humid, but nothing like last week.

P cooling off last week in the hot and humid weather

P cooling off last week in the hot and humid weather

Stampy's leg last week

Stampy’s leg last week

Grazing last week

Grazing last week

Handsome beggar

Handsome beggar

Stampede worked Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, and then tonight. Really all of those rides were fairly hot and miserable until tonight. The kind of ride where you go through the paces correctly and call it a day. Stampede and I did a lesson tonight and jumped a tiny bit. He was pretty lazy but good. Just slowly working our way back to normal.

Here is a picture of Stampede’s evening get up these days. The lower wraps in back are to treat his leg crusts (yes, I’m at that again) and then the standing wrap on the previously elephant leg. Then fly wraps in front.

Stampy's evening gear

Stampy’s evening gear

I’m very sad to see that Stampede did lose some weight with the whole big leg ordeal and then all of the heat. I’ll just keep stuffing him with food when I can I guess!

My friend Christie has been up at Horse Shows by the Bay in Traverse City, MI. She went up last week to work as a groom, then is showing this week. With her gone last week but her horse still in town I had some extra tasks to do. I lunged her horse, Mikey, on Friday and he was very up, so I got the go ahead to ride him over the weekend. I rode him both Saturday and Sunday. He’s much different from my boys and a bit small for me, but it’s always fun to ride other horses and figure out how they work.

The view from Mikey's back

The view from Mikey’s back

The rest of the photos are from last night and tonight of the boys enjoying the weather starting to cool down.

P and I found the long grass  last night

P and I found the long grass last night

Jealous of his brother eating grass outside his door

Jealous of his brother eating grass outside his door

Stampy leg update - we've got some hair!

Stampy leg update – we’ve got some hair! Aloe works so well!

I hope everyone is having a great week!






  1. L. Williams

    Sometimes I think Aloe is a miracle nectar

    1. stampyandthebrain

      Haha! I thought I was alone in my love for aloe!

  2. Hillary H.

    Aloe is amazing. I hope that stampy continues to improve in terms of all of his ailments. Hopefully he’ll put weight back on without too much trouble.

  3. Karley

    Yahoo hair growth!!!

  4. Lauren

    Glad the leg is doing better!

  5. Val

    I can’t stand the humidity either! (then again, I’m not sure who can…) As much as I love summer, riding in the fall is so much more pleasant 🙂


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