Out of Town

So currently I am sitting at a Bob Evans in Columbus, Ohio, waiting for it to be time to go to a conference. I came into town yesterday afternoon and spent the evening with one of my good friends who lives here. The only bad thing was that I didn’t get to see the ponies (or the puppies or my husband). I’m very good at worrying about all of them when I’m away. I convinced the husband to go take care of the ponies last night, even asked him multiple times if he knew what he needed to do and made sure he would put a chain over the sometimes crazy Stampede’s nose.

I always picture Stampede getting loose and running into the road or P getting colicky when I’m away. Instead I got pictures of happy (maybe slightly jealous of each other) ponies eating grass with my husband.

First picture I got, Stampy eating

First picture I got, Stampy eating

After this picture my husband sent me a text to ask if P normally gets angry when I take Stampy out for grass first. Why of course he does!

After he switched ponies, Stampy's turn to be jealous

After he switched ponies, Stampy’s turn to be jealous

P chowing down

P chowing down

The boys might decide it’s better when I’m out of town. No one had to work, just hang out with dad and eat grass.

I’ll be back in the saddle tonight though! Planning on riding Stampy tonight and hopefully Christie will be able to ride P for me to get caught up. Hopefully it won’t rain.

Oh, as a side note with the Equifit girth. Equifit called the marks wear and tear (after 5 rides? really?) and said if it was replaced the same thing would happen again. Smartpak offered me a $27 credit to keep it, but that’s just not enough. So the girth is going back. Back on the search for the elusive Stampede sized comfortable girth.





  1. Lauren

    That’s a good husband you have there!

  2. Karley

    love that they boys are all hanging out!

  3. Hillary

    Great hubs you have. Sucks about the equifits girth… If you like it’s shape you should look at the County girth. I think that’s what I’m going to get Huer. I feel like maybe I’ve mentioned it to you before but check it out. Pricey but not more so then the equifit I don’t think.

    Have fun tonight!

    1. stampyandthebrain

      My only concern with the county is having leather against his skin since that has not turned out well before, lol. Thinking about maybe the M Toulouse with removable sheepskin since smartpak is just giving me credit. What do you think of that? My concern is that the leather may be too cheap like some of the reviews suggest. Others say its great though…


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