Happy birthday Mr. P!

Happy 24th birthday to the equine love of my life, Phoenix! We had a great time taking pictures of P with his birthday hat on last night. As you can tell from the pictures, Stampede was a little jealous. I’ll have to put the hat on him for his birthday next month.

P and I had a great bareback ride outside Sunday morning since there was a horse show going on indoors. It was definitely frigid, but we toughed it out for his last ride as a 23-year-old. I cannot say I had a good time with Stampede Saturday though. He was a total mess since it was fairly cold (not as cold as Sunday) and it was his first ride outside. He always has to freak out about things he has seen before when we first move outside. Pretty embarrassing to have a horse who lives there acting up while all these horses coming in from other locations plod around like it’s nothing. Finished on an okay note with a fairly relaxed long and low trot, but I’m certain our ride tonight will be way better.



Jealous brother!



Mr P the unicorn with a photo bombing brother


P with my husband



  1. L.Williams

    Happy Birthday Phoenix!

  2. Hillary

    Happy birthday to P! Love the pictures. Looks like stampy was definitely jealous haha.


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