Mr P to the rescue!

Stampede is still not right. I’ve been working him lightly just to keep track of what’s going on with him, but when I watch him move I can’t really tell where the issue is coming from other then back-end. Here are some videos of Stampy on the lunge. The video to the left is the first direction and I think he looks worse there.


If anyone has an ideas of what’s going on feel free to share! Right now the lameness vet is already scheduled to come out friday to do yearly hock injections for some other horses, so he will look at Stampede then. Here I am hoping my horse stays lame so we can actually find an issue to fix for once!

So P has been picking up the slack and I’ve been having a great time with him. He did the lesson with me again yesterday and was pretty excited at the beginning to be doing another lesson. It is definitely nice to be able to focus on my position. Also, Stampede’s stride length requires that I’m constantly passing other horses and planning my next move. Phoenix just fits right in with the rest of the horses. After we flatted he felt so good I decided to jump an X a couple of times. He was so excited. Never been around a horse that likes his job more than Mr P.

When we were at my parents earlier I took a picture of my senior picture with P that was on the wall. We both look young!

Senior year pic with Mr P

Senior year pic with Mr P

Oh, and I got a new bridle! It’s an HDR with a mono-crown. I think it’s beautiful! I will have to get a picture of it on one of the boys once it’s oiled. Not sure who is getting it yet.

New bridle!

New bridle!



  1. L. Williams

    I hope the vet finds something to fix too!

  2. Karley

    Hope that you get some resolution with the lameness!

    Pretty bridle for sure! 🙂


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