Blogger Gift Exchange 2018

One of my favorite things about doing this blog is interacting with other bloggers so being able to take that a step further and do a gift exchange with people (and their horses) is so much fun. Quite a few years I’ve found new blogs because of the exchange too! Thank you for doing all the leg work on this Tracy, it’s much appreciated!

This year I had Quantum Chromatic Abberation whose blog I had read some before but I never realized we lived fairly close to each other. Definitely going to meet up in 2019!

This year I received a gift from Madeline of Cntl + hAlt + Del and she really hit it out of the park! First of all, this wrapping paper is amazing.

Behold the awesomeness

Then she had an adorable card complete with a cute custom portrait of Brantley from Because Pony.


Then she obviously knows what I like!


Thanks so much!

A tiger’s tongue (happy to add another one to my life with three horses in two locations – they are awesome), an ear warmer which is amazingly thin and I can’t wait to try, Noble Outfitter’s peddies (these will be my new favorites since they are blue!), and lastly some mints (more than pictured) and soft horse cookies. The soft cookies might be homemade? The boys will be scarfing those down shortly and wishing Madeline was their mom!

Thanks so much Madeline for the great gifts! Happy Holidays everyone!



  1. martidoll123

    That paper is to die for. I couldnt even wrap my stuff I sent to Nadia there was no room in the box LOL Love all your gifts!! Happy Holidays!!

  2. Tracy

    That wrapping paper is AMAZING! Such great gifts, and of course thank you so much for participating <3

  3. L. Williams

    That wrapping paper is awesome!

  4. Boss Mare Eventing

    Nice haul!

  5. Madeline C.

    Yaaaaayyyyyy! I haven’t been able to check in because of work ugh but I’m so glad you got it and liked it ♡♡♡

  6. Stacie Seidman

    Love the paper! And those are great gifts! I have the ear warmer, and it’s great!


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