Secrets and Dreams

I really wish I could share some of the things going on in my life right now on both the horse and non-horse fronts but until they are for sure I can’t so everyone just cross all the crossables for me! I appreciate all the positive thoughts, especially on Monday!

I can however provide a bit of an update on the ponies of Morstone Acres.

A couple of weeks ago P had the strangest skin reaction I’ve seen in a while. He got this angry circle on his neck that had a bit of puss to it and then his neck and sides swelled up quite a lot. I hosed him off and scrubbed the strange neck spot and gave him some of Stampede’s cellulitis meds (yay diuretics) and that helped get the major swelling out but he still had some remnants on his belly and sheath for over a week which was surprising. He is finally back to normal now.

Presentation of strange neck reaction

The start of a swollen pony

Days later

Neck now

Maybe he’s having issues because he does things like eat stuff other than the grass?

These random bushes taste better

Doesn’t he look good in that picture though? I switched him from Tribute Kalm N’ EZ (at less than recommended amount) to Tribute Essential K the ration balancer and I can definitely tell the difference already.

When your pony comes to visit

Then last week I finally decided Stamp’s left eye had gotten bad enough that I needed to get the vet out to clear his tear duct. The same thing happened two years ago so I knew what it was and tried to resolve it on my own but no luck. Stampede is evidently a cheaper drunk at home so he was completely wasted and barely noticed the vet as she unclogged his eye.

Wears a mask and still gets clogged eye duct

Otherwise I successfully have pushed the boys dinner back to turn in time at night, so like 9 to 930 time frame. Makes life easier and the boys don’t seem to mind at all. They have certainly become an easy going bunch!

Lastly my husband figured out how to get internet to the barn then put in wifi and a horse cam. Best husband ever!

Ponies helping with camera installation

A majestic stump yesterday afternoon on horse cam

Wish me luck guys!



  1. Leah

    So jealous of the barn camera! That’s on my “someday to-do list” haha. That neck sore and swelling are totally bizarre, glad it seems to be clearing up.

  2. Karley

    Oh man the curve of having the horses at home… our princess’ are learning to adapt lol!

    I am SO jealous of your cameras too!! Did he have to run conduit out there? We have power to the barn, wonder if I can get wifi cameras!! Maybe after I get my footing sorted out so I can RIDE!! lol

  3. draftmare

    Good luck, good luck, good luck!!!!

  4. Emma

    Oooh love the barn cam haha! And all crossables are crossed 😉 plus I can’t wait to hear all the crazy stories when everything is said and done!

  5. Tracy - Fly On Over

    Crossables are CROSSED and you better text me with any news!!

  6. Stacie Seidman

    Ohhhh, good luck!!! Hope we can hear some good news soon!
    Glad your boy is on the mend, definitely seems like he had a reaction to something. Maybe a spider bite or something.


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