What I’m looking for…

At the beginning of my new horse search my trainer had me put together a list of what I was looking for so I wanted to share that. I’ve added extra notes to clarify what some items are about.

  • 5-8 years old would be ideal
    • With the thought that I may need to go younger due to my other requirements and my price range.
    • Shockingly I’ve ended up being interested in a lot of 9 year olds as opposed to young ones as many young ones are outside my price range!
  • 16.3+ to take up my leg
    • Yep I’m tall and I have extra long legs, tall = more expensive horse 🙁
  • Gelding preferred but not completely opposed to a mare
    • I’ve not ridden many mares in my adult life, so not averse just like the gelding mentality I’m used to
  • Pretty much any color but gray
    • Between the added cleaning needs and the extra risk of melanoma I have to pass. One special needs horse is sufficient!
    • Also is it possible for me to own something other than a chestnut? My history is 3 chestnuts – all different breeds.
  • Avoiding TBs unless it’s really amazing and/or already showing/proven
    • Too much risk for me to go OTTB directly (no more special needs horses), harder to get one that will fit my leg, not “in” for my discipline, etc.
    • TB crosses (which lets face it is a huge population of what many other breeds are) would be great.
  • Planning to do hunters and equitation
    • Ugh I haven’t jumped since August of last year
  • Able to hack out alone or in a group
    • I already greatly miss my evenings alone in the field with Mr P. Stampede was never 100% reliable to hack in the field and I would never try it alone.
  • Prefer a forward thinking horse
    • I look really ugly when I’m squeezing a horse all the time and it’s not fun.
    • Nothing feels better than a horse that takes you to the jumps
  • I know I’m probably looking at green but would like to find something that already has a lead change if possible
    • Teaching P changes was not a good experience for me. I was a kid and probably screwed it up royally but I’d rather get a horse with an easy change.
    • Stamp always naturally had an easy change even when he was green

Also hoping to find the horse within a few hours of my location. Michigan has a very nice HJ scene particularly a couple of hours north so hopefully I have a chance. If something truly amazing pops up I would do differently but until then I will try to be patient!

I want to be thorough in my search and find a long-term partner. I definitely have the mentality that I purchase a horse to keep it for the rest of its life. Obviously if it’s a bad match or something like that I would be better off selling but otherwise in for life!

I’m not going to share my budget here but I think it’s really a decent amount. Honestly more than I would like to spend but I realize what’s necessary for my goals.

Here’s hoping my next horse is tall and athletic like Stampede with the heart and soundness of Mr. P.

A young Mr P with a young me <3

When you need a tall horse to look normal sized 😉






  1. Lauren

    Good luck! Horse shopping is the worst.

    1. stampyandthebrain (Post author)

      Thanks, I think I need it, lol.

  2. emma

    i like your list a lot! seems really reasonable in terms of fitting a horse to your purposes, and finding one that matches your style. your wish list for brains and style of riding sounds a lot like what i wanted too. good luck in finding that partner!

    1. stampyandthebrain (Post author)

      I like my list but then I think man does this exist in my price range? Thank you, hoping my next partner is planning to show up before too long!

  3. L. Williams

    Hate horse shopping and wish you lots of luck!

    1. stampyandthebrain (Post author)

      Yeah I can’t say I’m enjoying it much but hopefully it will all be worthwhile! I need all the luck I can get!

  4. Karen M

    I am with you on the no greys, geldings only. I hope this search goes smoothly for you!

    1. stampyandthebrain (Post author)

      Totally trying a mare shortly, lol. I guess so far it’s been smooth in the fact that there hasn’t been much to try and thus reject? Going from riding pretty much daily to almost nothing is hard. P needs to get his weird swelling under control so I can ride him around the pasture, lol.

      1. Karen M

        At least some mares have very forgiving natures if they like you. Poor P, he needs to get better asap!

  5. KateRose

    Great list! I’m 6 feet tall too, so I feel you on the height thing. Although I do find my draft crosses eat up a ton of leg, so I don’t mind a deeper barrelled horse that 16.1-ish. Good luck on your hunt!

    1. stampyandthebrain (Post author)

      Thanks, I know I’ll probably have to give up something but at least it’s a starting point. It’s so hard to shop looking for a big barreled horse, my trainer tried saying 16.2+ and big barreled and people were recommending all these horses who would be too small. I love being tall until it comes to horse shopping!


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