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Back to a day by day update this time!

Monday night I did a quick bareback hack on Mr. P, followed by a lunge for Stampede. P and I disagreed about the kind of canter we wanted, so I ended up focusing on counter canter down long sides instead of really pushing for a good quality canter overall. Stampede lunge was pretty rough – he was very on edge and didn’t want to relax down for quite a while. On the up side he was plenty forward and actually ended pretty well.

P after he got in trouble for picking his foot up to paw because he was jealous while I was taking pictures of Stampede...

P after he got in trouble for picking his foot up to paw because he was jealous while I was taking pictures of Stampede…

Tuesday night lesson P was again rough to canter. I’ve found that when he’s really excited (like when he’s cantering with 5+ other horses in the indoor, lol) and gets up and down I’m better off riding a collected canter with circles for a bit then just loosening that up to find a good quality canter again. Trainer and I discussed how she thinks I always look like I’m either behind the motion at the trot or posting too far back in the saddle. Rung a bell with how I’d noticed my saddle sitting lower in back with my Ogilvy lately. Stampede got the night off with just some stretches and an aisle walk. I also gave him his last Previcox since that was 3 weeks on it.

Wednesday was a Stampede lunge and I put the fake pessoa rig back on. He was a bit trippy in the deeper footing at the one end of the ring, but trotted over a single trot pole quietly. I figured out that if I spin the end of the whip around he doesn’t like that sound and moves forward, so that’s a bonus.

When a Stampede really wants a carrot...

When a Stampede really wants a carrot…

Thursday I rode P but used a Mattes half pad and found it felt better for me balance wise. Previously the Ogilvy was better as it stopped P getting rubs under the back panels of my saddle, so we will see if that comes back. If it does then I will have to figure something else out. I do think his shape has changed with the additional work he’s been doing as my solo lesson pony, so we might be okay there.

Friday I left work a little early since I’d gotten some extra hours in earlier in the week and got a lunge in before the lessons started. I got home by 5:45 which left time for me to get cleaned up and go with the husband to pick up dinner and hang out with his grandma for a while.

Saturday P and I did a flat lesson, using the Mattes pad this time. Trainer commented that I looked better without knowing/noticing that I had changed out the half pad, so bonus there. P was very good for the whole lesson, canter included. Great ride. Lunged Stampede afterwards and this time set up a set of two poles for him to trot through. He was really great other than the time he got over excited by my new whip technique and cantered a little.

Love these furry boys :)

Love these furry boys 🙂

Today I did another bareback ride on P. The ring was empty other than D and Willow so it was a nice relaxing time. Even snuck in a counter canter figure eight and P nailed it on the first try. Lunged Stampede after that. No poles, just a focus on maintaining forward while still stretching. I’m not getting as low of a head doing that, but he is moving forward. Both ponies got their bridle paths and muzzles cleaned up. That will be my last muzzle trim of the season as I like to let the boys grow out their beards for the winter.

My phone and camera are full of pictures - mostly of dogs and horses.

My phone and camera are full of pictures – mostly of dogs and horses.

Headed back out to hay and water and tuck the ponies in for the night shortly. Looking forward to a short work week!



  1. L. Williams

    Strange about the Ogilvy 🙁 foam breakdown? Also picture of stampy wanting a carrot is so cute!

    1. stampyandthebrain (Post author)

      I’m thinking P might have built some more muscle up front and since I have lifts there it’s tipping the balance. I may try it without the lifts. I also have both thicknesses of Ogilvy and he’s in the thinner currently, so I can try switching that too. I’ll have to update once I play around.

  2. Aoife @Pampered-Ponies

    My phone is inundated with horse photos too. Glad I’m not alone ☺

    1. stampyandthebrain (Post author)

      I can’t help it the horses and dogs are so cute and need their pictures taken! I only have 4,456 photos and 87 videos on my phone….lol.

  3. KateRose

    Hahah yes my phone is full of horse pics. Only one of me and my mom and one of my husband.

    1. stampyandthebrain (Post author)

      My favorite part is that I sometimes steal my husband’s phone so his is full of horses and dogs too. 🙂

  4. Megan

    Ahh that face! My phone, camera, and computer are completely full of horse pictures. I think I’ve been in maybe five pictures this year total. My horse has been in quite a bit more…

    1. stampyandthebrain (Post author)

      I figure normal people just don’t take many pictures?

  5. emma

    um i LOVE that pic of stampede lol

    1. stampyandthebrain (Post author)

      What’s funny is a lot of people are afraid of him when he does this in person. I think it’s pretty cute and silly myself.


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