November’s 10 Questions

I decided to take some time to digest the information I got from the vet, as well as give him time to send me the discharge notes so I will remember all the details correctly. The news was not too far from what I expected, but the rehab ahead and lifetime of special work under saddle has me feeling overwhelmed and unsure of the best path. So much to consider.

I decided to do L’s 10 questions for November in the meantime.

  1. Have you ever owned a horse? Three total – Zipper, Phoenix, Stampede
  2. What is your favorite aspect of your discipline? Jumping is my favorite part, but I really live for the relationship and freedom I feel when I’m on a horse. 0922145
  3. What pet peeves do you have concerning your discipline? I’m sure this exists in all disciplines, but I’m really bothered by people who only ride to show and win. These people also tend to not take that good of care of their horses because they see them as tools not family members.
  4. Do you do barn chores? Currently I hay and water on Sundays
  5. What is your least favorite barn chore? Anything involving water. Thankfully, my husband usually waters while I hay on Sundays.
  6. What do you consider the worst vice in a horse? Rearing under saddle for sure, horrible and scary.
  7. What saddle brand is your favorite? Well I have a Butet and an Antares saddle and I love them both. I would say I love french saddles and their custom flap sizes in general and otherwise I want what fits my horse.

    Antares with the big flaps for my long legs!

    Antares with the big flaps for my long legs!

  8. Do you ride with a quarter sheet in the winter? Only when it’s really cold.
  9. Does your horse wear boots? What kind? Stampede wears Zadona open front boots, P occasionally wears Equifit wraps.
  10. Full seat or knee patch breeches? Knee patch. Full seats aren’t used in my discipline.


  1. emma

    i despise the water chores too… so messy!! anyways, glad there was nothing super unexpected with the vet… fingers crossed for you!

    1. stampyandthebrain (Post author)



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